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Nov 4, 2011

Ah. Air, the only word that comes into mind is "sad". and i don't mean that it’s sad as in depressing. But i mean the word sad as the word you say when a really fat skateboarder smashes his face in the concrete after pulling an impossible move. "sad" as in, wow, the poor fellow was trying so hard, but failed....pretty bad. But when this skate boarder hurts himself. you'r not laughing, you just payed money to see this kid do something awesome. and he just wasted your money.

I guess maybe I'm being harsh. but i loved Clannad, what i have seen of Kannon has impressed me, and i also loved what i have seen of Melancholy. But for all the hype i heard about Air. I was left a little peeved at what it gave me. What did it give me? A terrible feeling of hopelessness. Nothing was fulfilled really. Characters were completely wasted, and tossed to the side. The sound and animation were great works of art! But i feel they were the only things that truly stood out on this anime.

Story: 6/10

The only reason i did not give this story a 3 was because it had one good theme. The importance of healing broken relationships within a family. This show portrays a view on family that i respected and enjoyed. Families are important, and it is detrimental to have a broken one. Healing a relationship takes time, effort, and a little bit of heartbreak. But it's worth it! That is one thing i took from this anime that i found sustainable. The rest? Stupid! ah! When you finish a show, you should feel like you have feasted upon an awesome story, this story ended up shoving a delicious pastry in front of my face and then pulling back every time i wanted a bite. Yeah, it's kicks and giggles at first. but then you just want one damn taste of that sugary sweetness. and you never get it.

The other aspect of this story that rose this rating to a 6 (originally it was a 5, but then i remembered something) is the medieval japan story-arch. That was actually portrayed very nicely, and beautifully. I enjoyed every one of them. But the sad thing is, i liked those side characters, and that side story more than i liked the main story, and the main characters! That, my friend is frustrating! I do not think you should like a side story more than the main story. It's just not good storytelling.


Animation: 8/10

Ok, animation was awesome. Kyoto animation never disappoints in this genre. Camera angles were awesome. It had awesome moments where it could summon these crazy hybrid emotions from me. In example, when Yukito wakes up in the beach yelling "Don't touch my Ramen!",  startling a flock of seagulls that had been crawling all over him at the time. Yes it was funny, but seeing the seagulls fly away, and the colors and everything. I had this emotion of Amused/awe-struck. Great animation, it also hooked you emotionally. Good stuff


Sound: 8/10

Much the same as the animation, Emotionally supportive and paralleling, beautiful melodies. Good stuff


Characters: 4/10

This is the other aspect of the story that i had the biggest problem with. This show introduced some great characters, but what made me angry was that these characters were pointless. They stood on their own, and that was it. It frustrates me because i genuinely liked these characters, but i feel like Kyoto introduced them, showed how likable they were, and then forgot about them. Each side character had their own story, but i do not feel like they added to the main plot at all. I would have felt fine if they had helped with the character development of the main protagonists. But they didn't. They were there and they were gone. and 5 episodes later, the show was done. For main characters, Yukito and Misuzu were ok. But there wasn't enough character depth and development for me to enjoy them. The character that had the most depth and development was actually a surprise, and a little bit of a treat. Haruko. She was my favorite. She was the one person in the show that i felt learned something of actual importance. And by her learning that lesson, so did the viewer.

Overall: 6.5/10

This show had four treats. Haruko, The Family-central theme, the animation, and the sound. That's it. With a plethora of characters, and a good 5 hours of story......That was all. To me that's sad. This show was not what it could have been. But. It had it's beautiful moments. It had characters that intrigued you. For those aspects. this show is worth a watch. I know that i do not share an opinion of this show that most people have. Do not let my negative remarks hinder you in watching this show, or having different opinions. Give it a look and learn what this show has to offer for yourself.


6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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