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Xam'd: Lost Memories

Sep 2, 2011

I came across this show one day when i was bored. I must say, sometimes boredom is a blessing, because out of the number of new Anime that i have stumbled across, this is one of the better. Xam'd; Lost Memories begins with a high school boy name Akiyuki, who finds himself in the cross-fires of a world war. As a consequence, he finds himself infected with a Xam'd - some kind of creature thingy that can make him into a bad-A. But only when he can control it. Without his body and mind finding a way to harmonize with the Xam'd, Akiyuki is doomed. While in turmoil, Akiyuki is picked up by a red headed, pilot named Nakiami, who then takes him under her wing as she nurses Akiyuki back to health. As Akiyuki strives to gain control of the Xam'd within him, the story also focuses on the town he left behind. The development of Akiyuki, the town, the friends and family he left behind, and the friends and family he makes as he continues forward, are what this show centralizes on. and it does not disappoint.

Story: 7/10

This story isn't the first that i've seen of its kind. There's a big number of other shows that follow the same blueprint. The things that get me about this story are all the different aspects of it: the governments that rule this world and the different views of life that all the characters express from their experiences. The development of good people becoming great heroes. It makes a great show that grips you, massages you for a bit, and leaves you with a better experience than expected.

Animation: 8/10

Now if i would have given a review of this animation from the first episode, i would give it a 3/10. The animation as a whole is realistic, but these Xam'd look like some kind of pokemon that an animator drew while being high. They are cartoony, rubbery, and sometimes....pretty gross looking. BUT... it grew on me. I started looking at these creatures as an escape from reality. Yes, they were crazy looking, but that was the fun of it! It showed a brighter world inside of a darker one. The clash between two different styles of artwork became something i thoroughly enjoyed.

Sound: 7/10

The soundtrack of this anime, although not entirely memorable, served its purpose. The sad, happy, and intense moments of the show were perfectly harmonized with the orchestrations that accompanied them. And i must say, the opening theme of this anime is now one of my favorites. it's not often that i will keep my hand from the remote and listen to the music every time a new episode starts. I even bought the song after i finished the show because it's so good.

Characters: 8/10

Even though Akiyuki is the main hero in the story, i considered him cliché; a good guy, but the same as every other good guy. I enjoyed him, don't get me wrong, but the characters in this show that make it shine are: Akiyuki's parents (the healing of their torn relationship as separated parents), Haru (Akiyuki's devoted, far away lover) Toujirou (one of the best villains that i have seen, so complex, and so....awesome) and most of all, the real hero of the story in my opinion; Nakiami. Ah! I could write a whole review on just her. There are amazing people that you meet in life, that are full of love and help you grow. Nakiami epitomizes those people! I loved her. (Yes, I watched the english dubbed version, and for you subtitle-loving hipsters out there I LIKED IT!) Whoo! I said it. They were great! Luci Christian (Nakiami) is one of my favorite voice actors of all time! I also enjoyed Blake Shepard as Akiyuki and Chris Hutchinson as Toujirou. I did not particularly think Monica Rial fit Haru's character very well.

Overall: 7.5/10

When watching the first episode of Xam'd:Lost Memories, I admit, I was turned off and I dropped it from my watching list. But eventually, the day came when I was super bored and wanted a story to get lost in. So I started it up again. By the second episode, I was hooked. Xam'd is one of those shows that is a collaboration of the best aspects of a number of genres and shows. While watching, I am reminded of The Last Exile because of the plethora of floating naval air ships. Take The Last Exile, mix it with some mech, a little good-guy-who-is-trying-to-control-the-power-within-him complex, and you get Xam'd. As a story, lets face it, it isn't that unique. If you are looking for a plot and a story that isn't predictable, that you haven't seen before, don't watch it. You wouldn't enjoy it anyway. The sheer number of pretty good characters, awesome villians that will confuse you with love/hate emotions, and pretty sweet action sequences have made this show worthwhile. Overall, I really enjoyed this Anime. I hope whomever reads this review can agree with me, or be able to after they finish the show.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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roriconfan May 6, 2012

You liked it because you were bored? XD

DannyOtaku87 Mar 26, 2012

I enjoy'd it though it did piss me off a bit becuase I found it a lil confuse'n over-all I enjoyed it.