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Hmm, what to say.... Uhm... I've been watching anime since I was about 5, so... about 19 years now. One year total watched on 7/26/10. It's almost depressing to think about it, but I've enjoyed all of that time, so maybe its more of an accomplishment ^^ For all of you out there with "Wont Watch" anime. DO IT ANYWAYS! The ones I'm unsure whether its something i like or not, often end up being my favorite ones!

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terex says...

wow you have so much anime watched, your my idol!

Feb 9, 2009
ChudzielecSSJ says...

u Must Been Very Old ;p

Feb 9, 2009
1fatal1ty says...

thanks for the nfo i start about 2000 ish then just spent my life wrighting my own manga and watching anime. hit me up on box sometime same user name

Feb 8, 2009
1fatal1ty says...

i know this might sound bad but i just realy wana know. what year you start watching anime? i have don't plain on stoping ever storys even in bad anime are high class then movies in th US

Feb 8, 2009
Saoulmanblaster says...

Yeah that is so true, well well cya around

Feb 8, 2009