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Hmm, what to say.... Uhm... I've been watching anime since I was about 5, so... about 19 years now. One year total watched on 7/26/10. It's almost depressing to think about it, but I've enjoyed all of that time, so maybe its more of an accomplishment ^^ For all of you out there with "Wont Watch" anime. DO IT ANYWAYS! The ones I'm unsure whether its something i like or not, often end up being my favorite ones!

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February 7, 2009

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February 19, 2013

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kenaniah avatar kenaniah


Jul 6, 2010

Your watched list is simply astonishing...

Raspberries avatar Raspberries


May 23, 2009

finally hit 20,000 episodes... wowies .-.

Wright avatar Wright


Feb 15, 2009

you've sure seen a lot of stuff lol. GTO owns, and I agree about not having a "won't watch" list. nothing wrong with diversity!

terex avatar terex


Feb 11, 2009

ya i agree, alot of the strange anime happens to be the best ones eg. GANTZ or FLCL. and i might take your advice and watch one of my won't watch one, i could be wrong!?

upcean avatar upcean


Feb 10, 2009

10 months of anime? I don't even know I have slept 10 months in my life!

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