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Hmm, what to say.... Uhm... I've been watching anime since I was about 5, so... about 19 years now. One year total watched on 7/26/10. It's almost depressing to think about it, but I've enjoyed all of that time, so maybe its more of an accomplishment ^^ For all of you out there with "Wont Watch" anime. DO IT ANYWAYS! The ones I'm unsure whether its something i like or not, often end up being my favorite ones!

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ludithor says...

I thought that you have a lot in "my life on anime".... then take a look in you anime.... MY GOTH! YOU HAVE WACTH ALL Doraemon, Shin Shan and many shows that have more than 100 eps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Congratz xD

Jan 10, 2011
ludithor says...

Darker has pretty nice characters, I love Jin, Hei, Mao… and some others xD…. Especially Jin is toooooo moe ♥ *^*


Overall this anime is not too good, but is easy to watch XD


PS. Almost all the women love Hei, and almost all the men love Jin… xDDDDDD

Jan 10, 2011
soulreleaser says...

I'd like to know, "Why so much love for Prince of Tennis?"  It's a series I've been wanting to watch more of, but I've never really had the ambition to do so.  Anything you can throw my way to convince me to pick it up quicker?

Dec 16, 2010
soulreleaser says...

Just crusing the site and stumbled onto your profile and was like, "HOLY CARP! One year!?"  you are now my friend..... XD

Dec 16, 2010
wolfangel87 says...

I am very impressed!

Happy Birthday!!!

Nov 18, 2010