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(Synopsis) The World of Dating Sims, is one that many people would rather not get into, as they are a waste of time to many people. However, Keima Katsuragi, an Otaku Video Gamer, lives and breathes in this world as he is the "God of Conquerers" as he is capable of conquering any girl he meets, but this only happens in his games. A challenge sent from Hell, Keima makes a dangerous and daunting  contract with Hell and is paired up with his new buddy, a demon named Elsie. Keima is now faced with the task at hand, to conquer REAL GIRLS to release the "loose souls" that are hiding within the target's heart. Will Keima be able to conquer real girls, or will he lose his head in the process?!

(Review) The World God Only Knows is a 12 episode Comedy/Romance anime with a fun story, great animation, fitting sound, and a group of in-depth characters. The plot is rather simple, being that the main character is faced with something he has never thought of doing, with his life on the line. However, offers in-depth backstories about each girl and their problems in life. The animation fits the style and theme of the anime, and does a great job of designing the different girls. Funny moments and emotional scenes, are drawn out great as they give an atmosphere that suits best for the moment. Sound plays in well with the animation as is transitions to the moment and creates more emotion. Th. Opening theme has the most unique style to most anime I have seen, with an electronic setting and english vocals that are charming and catchy. The ending theme, on the other hand, is in japanese and is sung by the cast of the show, which is very catchy as well. Each girl that is introduced, are well thought out and are different from one another providing a diverse group of characters. They are also enjoyable to watch as they have their funny and emotional moments with each other.

(Final Thoughts) The World God Only Knows is the first season to an ongoing seasonal anime series that offers a fun plot, great animation, fitting sound, and in-depth characters, which make rather fantastic anime to watch. The next seasons become much more better than the last, bringing this anime series, high among its competition. However, some girls and their conquests are shortened compared to each other and feels a tad bit rushed, and compared to the other seasons, this season isn't the best. Although this season will give you a head start for a an amazing journey into the world of TWGOK. I give The World God Only Knows first season an 8.5 out of 10.


8/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
9.3/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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