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Angel Beats!

(Synopsis) Life can significantly end without you noticing or even remembering what had happened. This is what happens to an amnesiac teenage boy who remembers only one thing - his last name, Otonashi. Otonashi learns that he is in the "afterlife" and meets Yuri, a charismatic teenage girl, who has created a battlefront. The battlefront exists for two main objectives; to keep themselves from getting obliterated and to defy "God" who they blame for giving them such unfair lives. Tenshi, a stoic teenage girl, is viewed as an aspect of "God" and is the main enemy of the battlefront. Will Otonashi join up the cause or get obliterated from the "afterlife"?

(Review) Angel Beats is an comedy/drama anime with a life-changing story, beautiful animation, emotionally crafted sound, and developed main characters. The story of Angel Beats delivers a life changing story that can change the viewers perspective on their own life. Here, we see a group of young adults who have passed away and they refuse to accept the truth. The main lesson here is to "Live life" and "Accept life" no matter what happens. "It's better to accept what has happened and move on."The animation of Angel Beats is crafted beautifully to capture the aspect of what the "afterlife" can be, and also delivers some pretty surprising action sequences that are seen throughout the show. The sound is very emotionally crafted from orchestrated music to ballads and rock songs sung by the characters themselves. Music is fitted well with the emotional setting for each scene and gives the show a much more emotional impact on the viewer. The characters is the only weakness in the show for one main reason. The main reason is that only a few characters were able to share their backstory even though the series boasted a number of characters. However, these secondary characters were very enjoyable to watch and gave the show a more comdic side to it. Overall, the story, animation, and sound were crafted beautifully to fit the main impact of a drama like Angel Beats!

(Final Thoughts) Angel Beats is an life-changing anime with a splendid story, beautiful animation, emotionally crafted sound, and a few fully developed characters. Angel Beats is definetly one of those animes that standout among the rest and has been given much praise. The story could have been more lengthy in terms of the characters that were under-developed. However, thia anime is beautiful as well as pretty comical. Overall, I give Angel Beats! a 9.3 out of 10. 


9.5/10 story
9/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
8.7/10 characters
9.3/10 overall

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