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So... A place to write about myself? Wow... plenty of space here to rant on and on and on and on and on and-

Alright, I'll stop that.

Introduction? I'm an anime fan, though that should be obvious by now. And by now I mean the fact that you're reading this, on this site, should already show that. I'm currently movin' and groovin' my way through high school... though by movin' I mean stumbling every step of the way... and by groovin' I mean...


...Well, life is tough.

Most of my spare time, time better spent doing things useful to society, in order of most time wasted on to least, is spent watching anime, playing video games, drawing, reading (both normal books and manga), writing, and attempting to improve my music skills. Time that is not spare time... is usually devoted to school and sleep.

Now, the question that most of you probably don't care about but is rather important to why I'm on this site is: Why do I like anime and manga? The main answer is: It's huge. I'm the kind of guy who like to imagine, create and escape into other worlds. So even though I love the interesting fictional worlds that this side of the Pacific comes up with, I found I needed a larger pool or worlds. And so came along anime. There's so much of it, and while a good chunk of it either has terrible animation or a terrible plot (or both), it gives me a huge pool of creativity to work with. The second reason after that is: The artistic value (usually). I prefer to call myself an artist, so by watching anime, I observe artistic techniques, character anatomy (yes, I know more often that not, anime human anatomy is... not correct), background and object drawing techniques. And by watching, I can use these skills to improve my own... which are current are a little... unbalanced.By the way, this can also be used to answer the same questions for manga.

Why do I play video games? I like video games, so I play them. That's like asking why religious people pray. They believe in some greater being, so they pray. There's a simple reason for the action. But also, I like to imagine how the game developers and programmers and everyone else involved in the production of the game designed it. Game development is something that interests me very much, and it's a field I'd be interested in working in in a few years.

As I said, I'm an artist (albeit a self-proclaimed one), so I like to write, draw and play music. Drawing is both a hobby and an interest for me, though I'm not good enough to think of living off of it. I like to think I'm a good writer, and I'd like to publish a book... but that's no way to live, unless you're really good. So until then, writing remains a high interest for me. As for music, it's mostly on the piano. I'm not a music genius. I can't tell a pitch by ear, but I'm good at reading sheet music, and if I've heard it before, I can tell if I'm wrong, usually. But still, it'll only probably be no more than a hobby for me.

But on the topic of music, I do consider myself an avid fan of music, both vocal and instrumental. Thing is... several years of immersion into Japanese culture through manga and anime has left my music sense a little warped. It doesn't help that in my opinion, the kind of music that's considered "normal" here in North America has been decreasing in quality for several years. But now, I find it hard to listen to anything outside of Japanese music. It's not that I don't; the ratio between the two is just really massive, like 95% Japanese and 5% not.

Genre-wise, this is probably the part of me where I'm the most finicky. For the most part, I can't stand metal, or anything stronger than that. I have a strong hatred for rap and hip-hop, and when it comes to non-Japanese music, pop just kills me. On the other hand, I don't mind J-pop nearly as much, though my knowledge of the genre is mostly limited to anime themes.

What I do like is rock, and just about anything associated with it. Alt. Rock, Soft Rock, Hard Rock (different from metal), Classic Rock, J-Rock, Japanese Rock (yes, they are different). There's something about a great guitar and rockin' beat that gets me in a good mood. Completely different, I've found I like instrumental music a lot more than I used to think I did, though it's mostly anime soundtracks that I've become interested in. The warm tracks from Clannad and Haibane Renmei, or the epic classical versions of the Haruhi Suzumiya music are what have captivated me the most, but I do love what Dai does for the Umineko series.

I guess in short, I may dislike a lot of music, but I've got a strong burning love for the music I do like.

As for genres, if it's yuri, or shoujo-ai, I like it... unless it's really terrible. Don't get me wrong, I like normal romance too, but there's just something about yuri... that only another yuri fan would understand. If you hate it, you'll judge me for it, but if you like it, you should know why. As for other genres, I've always loved slice of life. Now I like a good action anime/manga as much as the next teenage boy, but the calmer (usually), more natural feel of slice of life anime always get me in a good mood. I like yonkoma, or anime based off of them, like Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh and Hidamari Sketch, just because I find the character interactions and well-placed humour in good quality yonkoma to be a great anime to watch if I need something to get rid of stress with. That said, I know people who can't stand Lucky Star... but that's life. But when I need an energizer, a good action anime does the job well. But senseless fighting like Naruto and Bleach don't really cut it for me. I need an action with good character growth and a nice storyline, things those two don't really have anymore.

What never fails to satisfy me, is an anime that makes me think, instead of just giving me something to watch. Anime like Serial Experiments Lain, Haibane Renmei, Mushishi, or manga like Saikano, stories that captivate me and make me think, and for perfect marks, send shivers down my spine or help me gain insight into concepts more advanced than superpowers and flying robots.

As for genres I hate... there aren't really none. Just extensive boundaries of some. For example, I loved drama anime like Clannad and Kanon. But if there was an anime that got so dramatic that it started to feel like a North American soap opera... or most of the programming on Canadian television nowadays, I'd probably end up hating it. When it comes to anime I hate, it's only if it has a terribly weak plot or animation that's so horrible I feel like ripping my eyes out of my sockets so that I don't have to look at it anymore (everyone who's seen enough anime should understand that feeling), or if it butchers the original storyline too much. Other than that, I'll watch anything, or at least give everything a try.

Just a few random facts. I like writing fanfiction, mostly of the yuri genre. If you're interested, you can find me under the same handle I have here over at fanfiction.net. I'm a grammar and spelling Nazi, so do me a favour and point out any mistakes of mine that I make in those two areas. Also, I like to argue, mostly out of a childish hatred of losing and my... slightegotisticalproblemthatIthinkmyselftobeintellectuallysuperiorcomparedtomostpeople.... Hey, everyone's got some flaw. I have no qualms about taking fanfiction and art requests, just don't expect anything amazing yet, and I may not get it back to you immediately... or even anywhere close to immediate. I get distracted very, very easily.

And, as usual, where someone else may write a couple lines to two paragraphs about themselves, I write a goddamn essay. I do think I said something along the lines of "I like to write" a couple paragraphs up. Well, to anyone who's made it this far, I thank you for managing through my self-obsessed rant.

Oh, and a note to all those who may wonder, the avatar picture is not mine.

One last thing, in case anyone also visits these sites, here's a few other websites you can find me on:

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Sunagan May 3, 2012

Hey Raiza, how are you doing :D?

me being busy with my university life, sorry for giving you the silent treatment ;-)


Sunagan Apr 19, 2011

Guess what... :P?

Finally started the 2nd season of higurashi. and boy it was about time...


Sunagan Dec 14, 2010

Oi Raiza!

Sorry for my uber late reactions, but I'm like super busy and I hardly have time for any anime T_T...

Fall 2010 huh? Well I kinda wanted to drop panty and stocking after 3 minutes but I still managed to finish 1 episode before I did so xD. The other stuff all seems pretty terrible as well, but Bakuman, Ore no Imouto, Kuragehime and Togainu no Chi seem reasonably interesting, just to name a few.

How are you doing? busy as well?

Sunagan Oct 6, 2010

Sooo :P.... tell me about the most interesting anime you saw lately ^_^! And how's your september cold doing xD? Gone now it's october?


Sunagan Sep 21, 2010

I hardly have any time for anime lately T_T