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May 2011 Watched Anime List

17 MAY

It's already the 17th day of May, and although I know exactly what series I've watched so far this month, I really don't remember the exact dates I started and completed them. Remembering that the sole reason I'm even bothering to blog about it is because I want to keep an accurate track of the series I watch, it is important to note that this initial Watched Anime List post will be far from perfect or complete.

Watched Anime List for May 2011

-To Love-Ru OVA
-Eden of the East
-Motto To Love-Ru
-Sekirei Pure Engagement
-Eden of the East Movie I
-Eden of the East Movie II
-B Gata H Kei
-Bokura Ga Ita
-Black Lagoon
-Black Lagoon The Second Barrage
-Black Lagoon Omake Shorts
-Black Lagoon Roberta's Blood Trail

-Kiss X Sis 12eps / Started: Wed, May 18. Finished: Fri, May 20.

-Dance in the Vampire Bund 12eps / Started: Fri, May 20. Finished:

That is that so far. This blog will be completed and closed on May 31. Cheers!

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