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Angel Beats!

Sep 19, 2013

Okay, Its My first review, So Im sorry if its a terrible review at that >_<

Okay, for my first review: Angel Beats.


Angel beats Is about Otonashi, A teenager who wakes up in an mysterious Purgatorial world, With him not remembering anything. He see's A girl With Purple Hair, Pointing a gun at a white haired girl, known as "Angel." He confronts the mysterious girl, And after telling her some girls pointing a gun at her, Angel Kills Otonashi.

Oh yeah, Its purgatory, So nobodys dying here :p

Otonashi wakes up, Uninjured, And The Purple haired girl's name turns out to be Yuri. Yuri Invites him to join The SSS.

Now, You're probably wondering why I gave the story a 5.9. Well I will tell you right now.

The Story's a Mess.

The story is completely rushed, and It would've been MUCH MUCH better as a 26 or 24 episoded series.

It had a Similar problem that air had, As Air tried to cram all this stuff in with only 12 episodes.


The animation for Angel Beats was done by P.A. Works back In 2010.

While The animation was infact, Great, But For A 2010 Production, The Animation is the exact thing you'd expect.

Also, This is A Key Anime, (Clannad, Kanon, Little Busters!, Air) And Sometimes Angel beats looks Really Bad Compared to those titles. But those Momment's barely Came and other then that the Animation is Great.


Here's the lowest part of the review, With Good reason. 

Otonashi Is Probably One of the Blandests characters next To Sword art online's Kirito Or Kouichii from Another. He Just Lacks any charm that Other Key Male leads, (Tomoya, Yuichii, Yukito)

Next Up, Yuri, Who Is Just Like A Reincarnation Of Haruhi Suzimiya. She has an energetic personality, But I don't ever remember having a momment where Im like: "Oh, She's My favorite Character."

The Last character I'll Talk about is Angel, Or Tenshi. For the most part Tenshi Is your Typical Emotion less doll type character like Yuki Nagato From Haruhi Suzimiya, Or Rei Ayaname From Neon Genises Evangelion.

Okay, To be fair I liked her character the most, But Her lack Of origanality caused me to not enclude her in my favorite characters list.

 I'll just Get To the Point for the Supporting cast, And There's one word:



The Sound To Angel Beats Is definitly the best part. The Sound Fits most scenes played in and The casting for the Japenese version were great, But There's one thing about the sound i'll mention.

I'd Also Talk about the dub. I usually watch Dubbed Anime, But This Was the ONLY show next to Elfen Lied and Karin That I switched to its japenese version. Now, Im not one of those Weaboo's who claim "This dub suxx!11!! It meikes mah eers bled!11!!11" Like I just said, I usually watch dubs. I personally Think Section23 (Sentai filmworks) Didn't bother trying hard. I Sorry, But Thats just how I feel.

<div> </div>

FINAL Verdict:

Now Before I say anything else, I'd Like to talk about the ending. Call me heart-less or what not, But I honest to god ended up laughing at the end. I don't remember feeling sympathy for any of these characters.

Now, On to the Final thoughts.

I Personally Thought angel Beats was Overrated, But Its Not an horrible piece of shit either. I found it just average

Overall: I'd Recommend this anime, But Just Don't expect it to be flawless.

5.9/10 story
7.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
4.3/10 characters
6.1/10 overall
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