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Anime Otaku Extrodinare.

I love action anime as well as the occasional (well done) comedy. I tend to like more masculine animes then the feminine oriented ones. I've been devoted to anime and subsequently the Japanese culture since I was 11 years old and in middle school, so it's been a fair run (considering I can remember life before fansubs, and for that matter - the internet).

Other then anime, I have two cats and an addiction to Law and Order. I'm a full time slacker student with dreams of becoming one of the con girls (what dreams may come huh? If only I could be paid to pretend I was Leenalee or some other anime character.) If that falls through I can always audition with the Sci-Fi channel and their heavily made-up she-aliens department, basically I'm counting very little on my 3 degrees and 2 minors to really get me anywhere besides asking if you want fries with that.

I write, mostly poetry, and aspire to become as famous as one can for being a poet nowadays (so not at all really, aim high as I always say) at some point in my writing career. I also do short stories and the writing end of graphic novels (as my artistic skills are limited to Photoshop and stick figures)

I want to break into fansubbing, but the only thing I can't do is speak Japanese (especially funny since I will soon be living there and have a degree in Japanese studies).

Thats about me in a nutshell. Perhaps I need a little less nut and a little more shell.



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wolfangel87 Jan 30, 2008

You go girl!!!!

I have a total addiction to Law and Order too!  I mainly like SVU though, I think the cases and people are more interesting than in the other ones!  Woo hoo, both 21, so what did you do for your big birthday? 

1010rikku Jan 16, 2008

I love it when people actually take the time to write a complete and interesting profile!! I feel as though I know you *giggles*

I see you will be going to Japan soon...will it be for school or work?? can I come with??? I don't eat much anf can probably fit in a bit suitcase!!! SO???


Lcn Jan 11, 2008

Hello! I liked evangelion(it s not on mine top 5... but it would be 6th probably) and I wonder which ending of evangelion you prefered the last 2 ep. of tv series or the one from end of evangelion movie=p?

sothis Dec 3, 2007

Hi Ragnarokin! Nice to see you on the site. ^_^ When you have a chance, fill out your top 5 anime! I'm curious what yours are :D