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How I rate my anime


I saw this idea on someone's blog that everyone should have firm guidelines on judging the anime. I totally agree, and here's my exemplified list:

  • ★★★★★ (10/10) — an example of perfection, I can find no flaws in this anime, and I'd watch it over and over again if I had no other hobbies. For now this mark is only given to DBZ and One Piece, and also to Grenadier, because it's awesome and sweet (says a lot coming from a guy who likes much rougher stuff).
  • ★★★★½ (9/10) — an absolutely wonderful shows that got some really minor points that left me feeling weird for a second. Still highly recommended to anyone. Examples: HxH, YYH, TTGL, Kekkaishi, Trigun.
  • ★★★★ (8/10) — an otherwise perfect show that had some significant bits incompatible with my tastes. I'd still rewatch it, though, in a good company. Examples: Airmaster (dislike the apathic main hero), Naruto (fillers!), Kenshin (dislike strong guys pretending to be weak), Shinobuden (just silly), Berserk (hate the ending).
  • ★★★½ (7/10) — one of the main ideas of the anime does not sit well with me. I'd recommend it to people who have different views on life. Examples: Gungrave (rrrevenge!), Soul Eater (damn Excalibur humour plus a stupid anime-only ending), Death Note (all smart guys are jerks, and still outsmarted in the end), Hajime no Ippo (too much sport).
  • ★★★ (6/10) — either major flaws spotted or just the whole thing was not exciting enough to move me. I was yawning a bit through the thing. Examples: DBGT (plot holes), Hokuto no Ken (very old school, repeating plot patterns), Onizuka (main hero's too much of a loser), Black Lagoon (trash).
  • ★★½ (5/10) — I don't think I wasted my time on watching this. I think. Probably. I can write a long negative review to prove it! Examples: FMA, DMC, TWHE, Gunslinger Girl.
  • ★★ (4/10) — I really should've been doing other stuff instead of watching this. Examples: Spiral, RahXephon, Shiro no Kiseki.
  • ★½ (3/10) — crap, but with redeeming features that gave me a giggle or another bit of enjoyment for a while. Examples: FLCL (guessing references was ok), Saint Beast (well-done, but I hate tenshi-ai).
  • ★ (2/10) — crap, but somehow not total crap. Examples: Shadow Skill, Laputa, Cowboy Bebop movie.
  • ½ (1/10) — utter crap. Examples: One Piece movie 6 (yes, it is that bad), Ninja Scroll movie (bloodbath & rape).

Hope you liked reading this, and also hope this will help you understand my rankings and my recommendations. There are a lot of people out there who will disagree, but hey, it wouldn't be fun living here if we were all the same!

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Radaghast avatar Radaghast
Jul 31, 2010

You know, somehow I enjoyed almost all One Piece fillers, except for that AU line, and I didn't even notice which parts are filler and which are canon. In Naruto (especially pre-Shippuden), the difference is drastic, and as a person who is deep invested in knowing the world this anime takes place in, I find all kinds of inconsistencies really disturbing.

greg975 avatar greg975
Jul 31, 2010

8/10 for Naruto because of the fillers? Doesn't One Piece have them? But I see what you meant, personally, fillers or not, if I were to base my ranking solely on enjoyment, Naruto would still have a 10/10, of course if I had to do an official review on the site it would be different, there are those annoying fillers yes (the 170-171 episodes of Shippuden was... The disappointement is total, waiting two weeks and craving for the conversation between Naruto and Pain, looking forward to this "pure epicness", yet they gave us two boring episodes fillers with Naruto the first season), some flashbacks were terribly useless and redundant... So not a 10 but neither can One Piece have 10 based on a critical review. And Onizuka isn't a loser at all, he was the reason to watch the show, so funny and his facial expressions priceless.

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