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Quotes: "Only a life lived for others is a life worth living." - Albert Einstein. ♥

"Don't give up, because you have a life worth living for." ♥

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”
Marilyn Monroe

Name: Rachel. レチェル

Age: Seventeen. ジューナナーサイ

Gender: If you can't figure it out, you have some issues.

More About Me: Hm... what can I say? I love Anime. I grew up watching it, Sailor Moon and Pokemon were my first anime's. I love Japanese culture and I am taking Japanese, so that one day I can visit the beautiful country. I am a huge cartoon fan as well, such as TMNT, Family Guy, and others. Hm... I don't really know what else to say... besides the fact that I love anime XD ♥ So we'll just leave it at that.

Bye~ じゃね

Maid Sama C: ↓

FYI: Every other week I will change the picture on my profile to represent the Anime's I am currently obsessed with at the moment. :3 So don't be surprised if it changes a lot! ♥


"Letting go is hard, saying goodbye is so much harder."



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xDeviNx Dec 25, 2011

The late reply is fine!

Speaking of the late reply sorry for my late reply haha! I have been busy with visual novels and Christmas. I always get ready to reply, but everyone replies to me at the same time so I tell myself I will reply some other time even though I take forever to get around to it lol.

It's good that you like giving people things! It means you are a nonselfish person and very kind too! Not many people are like that now a days. 

Yah I woke up today and got very little presents since everything I want is expensive, but I was happy watching my siblings opening all their toys. Being with the family is the best present to me. ^_^

Btw Merry Christmas!!!!! I hope you get that digital camera and pj's! Haha

I wanted a heater since my room is so cold! (I sleep in the basement :P) I got a football, shoes, a UnderArmour shirt, some random things, money, and a 2 lb Candy stick... o.O.. Haha.

You have a good top 5 btw! I really need to watch Host Club and Fruitbasket sometime. I'm currently watching Birdy the Mighty Decode. It's pretty awesome for some weird reason and I am trying out Kimi Ni Todoke since it seemed to be pretty highly liked. I'm a sucker for romance even though I'm a jocky/nerdy guy :P. 

Is your profile picture Shana from Shakugan No Shana? I'm positive it is, but I don't want to seem stupid haha!

OH! And I figured out what I really wanted for Christmas! I'm too lazy to scroll up and add this so I'll just make a new paragraph :P. I wanted a Rosetta Stone language thing so I can learn Japanese and go to Tokyo and live there :P. Anime makes Japan seem like the best place ever so I want to go there for a few years and check it out!! I'm actually half chinese and half white so I think I would sorta fit in... hopefully haha.

Ober11 Dec 24, 2011

I wish yo and your family a Merry Christmas Rachi-chan! :)

Rachii1994 Dec 24, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry, but I don't think I can respond to anything right now D: Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! ♥

I'll see you soon! C:

Ober11 Dec 23, 2011

Oh, you don't have to apologize, I understand completly. :P

I should be the one who should apologize, I forgot to tell you that I'd be going to a friend's house today D: Well, I probably won't see you till later because of your babysitting, but I hope that you have a good time, and get back home safely :)

Madoka Dec 23, 2011

hahaa your comment was suppringly long aswell ^^

i would stop applogising for long comments, but i kinda cant :P im one them weird people who find the need to applogise for anything no matter how minor and what not, so its kinda a habbit, if i think something might bother someone i instantly applogise in advance and such, ohwell xD (the worst thing is i was about to put 'sorry for saying sorry so much ' ... ... which i suppose i just did anyways >_>) though i do maybe talk alot but ohwell just dont respond to the pointless stuff ye? (if ur anything like me you might find it harder to say something like 'can we not talk about that as its boring' lol but ye not responding to the pointless crap is fine ^^)

(the worst thing is i just read the part about not applogising for talking to much... which i already wrote above :P pfft ohwell whats the worst that could happen ;) well maybe i will loose my life to you if it bugs ya)

LMAO, i wouldnt worry about thinking im a girl, infact almost everyone thinks im a girl when i talk to them ¬_¬ suppose im probberly girly in the way i talk or something, i dont really care for most guy crap though... even my teachers used to tell me i would been better of born a girl... i agree >:D i imagine being a girl is more fun... but it seems im alone in that thought xD (omg why do i have to put so many dam smily things on... i really cant help myself o.o)

though i must pick up on one comment, you said 'Trust me, i know' ---> dont suppose one would care to elaborate :P sounds like it could be a fun story xD

i agree, if anime was real life, well i think everyone as a whole would be happy, people could be more carefree and less stressed and as you said not so much stress filled events would go on at once, maybe lots of other ones would if ur anything as a main character xD (but hey there the fun ones which make people laugh).I think meeting online friends without knowing would be more fun, imagine just accidentaly bumping shoulders with someone, you get talking and BAM its someone you already knew online, suppose the chances would be next to nothing but meh i imagine it would be fun... But...

I WOULD BE FREAKED OUT? ahem sorry missy but i think that is of impossible scale, im the one who freaks others out, with my childish antics and weird ways and the ability to just say random things which have nothing to do with anything at the most inapropreate of times :D i dont think anyone can freak me out ^^ though i dont imagine people could make you out to be a bad person either xD i suppose my image of you would be one them more carefree types who cares greatly for her friends and helping others, that i could be wrong and maybe your infact a world terroist who's using anime planet to raise a army and steal the worlds animes (god dam i love my mind >:) but somehow i dont think the 'bad guy' image suits you to well :P sorry if you wish to be evil but maybe it aint ur thing ;)

though then again, i now know your pushy xD i dislike when friends get me something dispite me saying dont get me something, makes me feel bad and greedy (i dunno why and i know its a kinds gesture but its how i am) but hey i suppose im a hyporcrite there, i buy all my close friends pressies against there will anyways >:) see, you can see how my evil known no limits ^^

oh and ye almost all my messages are wrote in early hours of the morning, its just bad habbit, so excuse the crappy grammer and spellings, though this one i admit i wrote at a real time (its only 19:47pm) for once not past 3-4am :D

anyways i maybe got carried away and went to much into this message so sorry about that (i didnt applogise cause its to long, just because i talked to much, it might be the same thing but shhhh) ^^ have a good day :)