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Quotes: "Only a life lived for others is a life worth living." - Albert Einstein. ♥

"Don't give up, because you have a life worth living for." ♥

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”
Marilyn Monroe

Name: Rachel. レチェル

Age: Seventeen. ジューナナーサイ

Gender: If you can't figure it out, you have some issues.

More About Me: Hm... what can I say? I love Anime. I grew up watching it, Sailor Moon and Pokemon were my first anime's. I love Japanese culture and I am taking Japanese, so that one day I can visit the beautiful country. I am a huge cartoon fan as well, such as TMNT, Family Guy, and others. Hm... I don't really know what else to say... besides the fact that I love anime XD ♥ So we'll just leave it at that.

Bye~ じゃね

Maid Sama C: ↓

FYI: Every other week I will change the picture on my profile to represent the Anime's I am currently obsessed with at the moment. :3 So don't be surprised if it changes a lot! ♥


"Letting go is hard, saying goodbye is so much harder."



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Madoka Jan 15, 2012

Sowwie for long reply, my bad was a busy week (sorry had to use the word 'sowwie' as me and my friend was discussing it and my friends hates when people say 'sowwie' or other variations of the word... i think it's cute so i might keep saying it till its habbit to annoy em... not like you needed to know this or nothing but ye xD)

lol im supprised, i did comp science for 2 years and we only had 1 girl on our course... she left because she was the only girl (dumb reason to leave though seeming everyone got on well withher) but best of luck with it, if you struggle to much with something let me know, i might be of use (i did computer science for 2 years and my brother does comp repairs so we are rather knowledgeable). If you get a fun class you should have some great laughs ;)

bah you could punch me for not liking it xD for all i know your secretly a huge robotic ant with lasers and and and ummm PORK... i dont know where im going with this xD My head's ahem... weird xD

omg i dam well agree!!!  i actually never can agree on anything more, faces are ace, they make everything so much better ^^ i actually overyspam them (i probberly said that already) but i always felt i use them to much seeming not alot of others do so i will love that comment for life now xD you made my day (yes my mind is that small that it's day is made by some telling me they think smilies and faces make stuff fun) ^_^

Strike witches is fun, weird how its a 12 rated considering some... ahem scenes but ye. Good story to it with some fun comedy thrown into it aswell, whats not to love ^^

hmmm suppose its to late to comment on your 2 hour delay, so i guess i will just imagine it happened and so everyone went running round holding hands under a gay styled rainbow, the end :D oh oh and i meant they all live happy ever after, pfft that sounded so much crapper in my head <_<

LMAO you used my 'yambling' :') i still think thats the dumbest word i ever said, yambling, it lacks meaning in every way thinkabe, it clearly need's to be put in the dictonary :D yamble yamble yamble, actually i did yamble alot in this message again, blah ohwell im sure it wont kill anyone (i hope it doesnt anyway o.o)

Haruhi's epic, its got its own religon ;) things on my behalf are... i think there good, i only can say think because there was something crappy but i cant remember it so i guess they have to be good, well i guess im annoyed strike witches season 2 boxset release got held back from feb till september but bleh cant be helped, hows you misses wellington... wellington what a weird name, its deffinatly your new middle name :D (wait why would i address you by your middle name? who cares xD) is all well in Misses wellington's world? :)

(i know i probberly spazed out half this message... im the only person who says 'spaz' anymore lol. ohwell i dunno why) also sorry for the late reply, i probberly said this already but if not its been a busy week, if i said this already just disreguard this and pretend its talk about camels... yes camels o.o

Ober11 Jan 13, 2012

Yeah, I'm just tired of it and and really don't care anymore, I'm just going to go with the flow at this point <_<

Please Madame, I am no pervert, but rather a conesuer of many fine tastes in regards to girls. Don't label be along with common rabble! My tastes brand further than the common "maid" theme, there are many fine themes that can enhance the appearence of a young girl. Uniforms of various genres, Lolita, Kemonomimi, even simple things as skirts or hairstyles can be appealing! And furthermore... *continues to rant and then notices the suit*

*backs up a little bit* Whoa there! What kinda suit are we talkin' 'bout here? O_o If it's a business suit then I don't mind, but if it's another suit then I need some more demands met first ._.

*browses through the closet and picks out a gothic lolita dress* Here, start with this. It's subtle and reserved, that should be fine enough for you, right?

AnimeLuver5 Jan 12, 2012

hey rachii!!!! how are you? im finally on here AGAIN AND OMG I LOOOVVEE LOVVEEE LOVVVE your channel!!!!!! cNT WAIT TO WATCH more Maid sama!!!!!!!

Madoka Jan 8, 2012

haha i said nothing new happens with me ;)

Ahh so the finals are here eh, can be a tough and stressfull time, but dont let it bother you to much, i know i worked my butt off for my finals and though i did well i relised how useless they are later in life (i sound old for a 19 year old ><) but thats not to say take em lightly, just ye.... dont worry to much over em :D

Im college now not school ^^ been study 2 courses, computer science (geek mode activate) and media (the more cooler side of me :P) but im not gonna take any these further, both fun and all but im currently self studying japanese language skills as i intend to live there in a few years (it was a dream but im already looking into the details so i cant back out :P) but unfortunatly not many colleges in the UK offer full time japanese language courses so i self studying and as of September i will be taking a online video course (basically its like class via web cam lol, teacher teaches it all the same and teaches 10 students and i got in as i sent all my resources and they was impressed xD it sounds crummy i know but its only professional teeching the UK offers without counting oxford uni of course lol) sorry i yabble >< (lol wth does yabble mean)

sorry you wont like this but ahem, seen maid sama but didnt like it to much (its on my drop list...) i dunno it was like 'alright' but it felt like this same thing over and over and well half the characters was annoyin so i kinda didnt enjoy it (waits for fist to fly into my face :| )

im watching Strike witches atm, if you havent seen it its a real laugh :D it sounded weird to me when i read about it but its real funny and i think its just epic! Also on Monster, good mystery anime, i thought it would be crap going on its description but again its real good, and Mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha is great xD i talk to much sorry, also dunno if you find it 'bad' language or not but my applogies on 'crap' usage, i like ellegance and politeness to be a trait of mine but i find it hard to describe negative stuff xD

Nurarihyon19 Jan 8, 2012

Aww we must have a big time gap it's night time here like 9 at night

Thats pretty sweet I don't really have any friends who are into anime like I am so you're lucky :p and I'm the same I was watching anime like DBS and sailor moon on tv when I was a kid without realising it was anime.  

And it was naruto that got me back into anime seriously ag