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Lovely Complex

Oct 2, 2010

Ok, so here's a somewhat popluar love story that is right about what you're expecting. Happy I watched this one as well. A good romance, with some great humor, and an overall fun story.

Positives: It's always nice to stumble on a new way of telling the same old story. Lovely Complex is the epitome of doing a solid job of this. Tiny runt of a man meets giant amazon of a girl. The couple that by decree of the universe ought not exist. Right? Cue humor and rather capable love story.

The two main characters in Lovely Complex are fun. You'll enjoy watching both of them put on their comedy show and then as it turns into something deeper you'll likely enjoy that aspect as well. The side characters do a great job as a supporting cast, and though there are a few moments here and there you'll find that most of the episodes do a good job at avoiding filler type content.

I don't know if I stressed how much I really love the two main characters. From their voicework to the character art design they are just fantastic. I can pretty much turn on any episode and just seeing them makes me smile. That's proof of work well done.

Negatives: So my biggest gripe, and the reason I didn't rate Lovely Complex higher than I did is that the story takes a bit of a dive at the end. Without getting into spoilery territory I'll just note that somewhere around episode 18 things take a bit of a turn and I don't think it does the story any service. I had a bit of a deja vu type experience that reminded me of Death Note. Basically, I felt the story should have ended without the third act.

Other than this though, Lovely Complex was a fun ride. It's lighter than the other things I've been watching lately, but sometimes a light hearted romantic comedy is a great fit. Totally worth watching for any fans of those genres and for anyone looking for something fun to spend a little time with. This show made me smile a lot!

One last note. I love the original opening theme. It's one of those themes that is so anime, and really fits the feel of the show. I kind of hate the trend of changing themes in anime. Most of the time I find that I miss the original theme. There are, of course, exceptions...but those are exceptions.

?/10 story
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8/10 overall
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RabidMonk Feb 26, 2011

Thanks for the comments! I haven't read the manga. I'm kind of bad at getting to manga versions of anime I enjoy...but that probably has to do with there being a lousy selection around here (and it gets pretty expensive to buy whole collections!) I'll definitely take a look at it next time I see it though. Thanks!

MischievousKiss Feb 25, 2011

Great review! I agree with basically everything you said. Have you read the manga? the ending is different. There is more of a focus on the fact the Otani is in Universtiy and that he's going to make friends that Risa doesn't know ietc..I want put any spoilers here but it ends up feeling more finished than the anime, I think they tried to squeeze the whole story into 18 episodes. But alteast the anime is better than the live-action film which they changed so much of the story around and ended after they kiss the first time.