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So finally Full Metal Panic! lives up to what it should have been the first season and in that silly mess fumoffu.

Positives: Everything you liked about Full Metal Panic! is back, but this time there's actually a good story, some character development, and things happen that matter.

My favorite part of most anime is the relationship between characters and finally with this series we get some real development between Sousuke and Chidori.  The rest of the characters also are starting to come into their own and the world finally is coming together.  It's a shame that we aren't seeing more episodes in this season though.

There are a few great episodes and a number of really well planned out and executed scenes including those towards the end of the story which I can't get into without dumping a pile of spoilers.  But just be aware that if you're actually someone watching the show for more than the comedy then you're finally going to have something to look forward to.  Seriously, I really enjoyed the last half of this season.  Somehow it was just very fulfilling and while I hope there will somehow be more coming out at some point I'm happy with how things have ended up.

Negatives: I didn't really have a lot of compaints with this season.  If you've been following my reviews you'll know that I'm not a big fan of mecha or fighting anime but I do on occasion let that slide when there's enough to watch in addition to those bits.  Thankfully this season is more along those lines.

If I have to dig up some complaints then I would say that the weaknesses of the overall story are finally coming to rear their heads, but we all knew going in that the story was rather silly.  It was created to be so and thus it ought not be  surprise now to reap the fruits of our labors, right?

Overall the best season for Full Metal Panic! in my opinion.  All the humor is there, but overall it seems to have a bit more serious tone and a whole lot more developement for the characters which I really enjoyed.

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8/10 overall
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