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I was disappointed to hear so many people didn't enjoy this season as much as the first and so going into it I was both a bit cautious and concerned.  I'm glad to say that those who didn't think this season was as funny or believe that it had somehow lost its magic were totally wrong.

NC: Paris is a great follow up to the first season and while short has continued to fuel my love for the characters and story.

Positives: Again Chiaki and Nodame bring something magical to the anime world with both their quirky relationship and their music.  There are some complaints that their relationship is thin and nothing more than fighting and a few trite moments.  I'd beg to differ and suggest that their relationship is alot more like real life although it's been compressed into a few short moments of a short season (WHY didn't we get a 25 episode season!  Argh!)

As both Nodame and Chiaki begin to realize what it is in life that they care about their relationship continues to evolve and to me it was both believable and a whole lot of fun.

Another big concern I've seen is that a lot of the secondary characters aren't nearly as developed nor interesting as the past season.  I'd say this is in a sense true, but there is a much more limited time frame to develop them in and there are a few standouts where necessary.  Ultimately though, this is a season about the two main characters figuring out what they want from life and trying to decide how they really relate to each other.

Negatives: Too short?  Seriously I'm dying for the third season to come out and I am hoping that it's a fitting conclusion to the story that has been woven.

I didn't really enjoy the theme song this season in the way that I loved the first season's and I've often wondered why Japanese anime have to change their theme songs.  I don't think that sort of thing would ever fly here in the US as your theme song is too much a piece of the heart of a show.  I know I could start humming themes to hundreds of songs and most of you would know them in just a few notes...but anyhow, the closing theme was great so I guess in the end it's ok.

All in all a great second season that could have been much longer and hopefully we'll be seeing that third season soon and get a solid and fitting end to the Chiaki/Nodame tale.

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9/10 overall
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nitaipriya Nov 3, 2009

A+ Review again.. i think i will be refrencing your reviews before i watch animes from now on. This anime was a total suprise to me from the begining as well.. and I enjoyed it so much. The stroy was touching and fabulous. You really love the characters and you know why you love them as well...  on with the third season! :3