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Genshiken - 4/5 Stars


Ah!  What a surprise find!  I'm glad I somehow decided to watch this one though I can't remember how I found out about it.  It's not often I find a show that is both unique, funny, and a great ride until the end.

Positives: So you start the first episode of Genshiken and you don't know what to really expect of a show that's all about Otaku, but then the cool intro music begins and you are tossed into a fun exchange of a boy trying to decide if he's going to join what is ultimately the nerdiest club on campus.  And from then on you get to experience in some part what it may very well be like to be a Japanese Otaku.

If you're not convinced yet then there's also the fact that you'll probably laugh a lot.  The first 2/3 of the initial season is really funny.  My wife and I laughed out loud a good number of times and she even commented on how surprised she was that she enjoyed this show.  (She's not by any stretch an Otaku, nerd, or even really into this sort of thing at all, but she loved this show as well).

The characters are all really fun and while some get more screen time than others the interplay between them is just fantastic and will leave you wanting more, and since there's a second season you're in luck!  Right?

Negatives: I didn't really have much to complain about with this show.  It's a very solid 4 star in my opinion and the only real downside I can come up with is I wish there was more.  It's not going to change your world, and I can imagine that for some it won't be something they enjoy, but for those who may be like me it was a perfect fit.

Once you're done go and enjoy the second season.  It's not as strong, and becomes more about how some (most?) Otaku relate to the world sexually (so if that or homesexual storylines aren't your thing then you may want to skip it), but there are still some really fun moments though I think the writers had a lot more trouble coming up with the same level of quality that they did in the first season.

Oh, and the OVA's fit in between the two and I think are as good as the first season.  Watch them!

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