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New Reviews and General Anime Experince Update


So I'm finding that I go through waves of anime interest. I've been back "on" lately, watching a lot more anime that I have for a few months. I imagine this is likely a common experience for some of you as well. Anyhow, I've had some good luck picking my anime lately and found some new favorites. Here's the list of my latest reviews:

Lovely Complex 8/10 - Totally loved this show. Really worth watching if you enjoy a good romantic comedy.

Nazca 5/10 - One of those "lost gems"? Err, no, but well, it's not all bad.

Eve no Jikan 9/10 - Wow. Fantastic. From the art to the story. Best anime movie I've seen in a while.

Battle Programmer Shirase 6/10 - There was potential here. Too bad it was cut short, though not entirely surprising.

Nana  8/10 - Another huge favorite of mine. If you like more complex drama/romance, then this is for you. Also really cool for the music fans out there.

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade 8/10 - A bit niche in my opinion, but if you're like me than a good niche for sure.

Beck 8/10 - Excellent anime about music and finding your place in life. For me this was a blast down memory lane.

Anyhow, I hope you're enjoying your anime experience as much as I am. Maybe a few of these will interest you as well!


MischievousKiss avatar MischievousKiss
Feb 25, 2011

Yeah, I love LoveCom too! Hm, now i'm curious to check out Eve no Jikan ^_^ I love good artwork...thanks

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