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What I'm Watching Lately


Kara no Kyoukai - The Garden of Sinners: So this show has started off a bit slow but it's the kind of show that I really can get into.  The art is really amazing though so even if the story wasn't super compelling to begin with it was fun to just watch.  My son has had a fever the last two nights though so I had to turn the sound way down which I hear is a shame since there's supposed to be a really solid score backing things up.  Perhaps for the next film...

Serial Experiments Lain: So this is try #2 for SEL.  I really want to like this show, but so far it's just been kind of boring.  I go through stages where I'm a sucker for this type of show, but lately it just hasn't fit the bill. I'm sure it has to do with how stressed I am with real life.  Not surprisingly lately I've gone for the more silly, throw-away types.  Must finish SEL...

ef - A Tale of Memories: Can't say much about ef yet since I've only finished episode #1.  Sure, it looks nice, but I wasn't horribly impressed by the first episode by any means.  This, of course, doesn't mean much as there's a bucket load of anime that I've not really been drawn into from the get go but ended up enjoying immensely.  Hopefully it will pick up when I hit episode #2...

Bakemonogatari: Really fun show.  I'm waiting on the web episodes right now, but the first twelve were pretty great.  The art style is fun and while "artsy" it's not the sort that pulls you out of the story (except for a few times but that was mostly to just enjoy watching the art).  I'm not sure why its so fun to watch relationships like this which are for the most part completely off the wall and more or less unrealistic in many ways, but it is.  I'm also really glad that thus far things have seemed to avoid the gory and actiony feel that you would have assumed would exist by watching the intro.  I'm really hoping this one sticks around and stays fresh and interesting like it has been so far.  There sure seems to be a lot of supernatural going around right now though.  Maybe it's just what I'm choosing, who knows.

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Egads.  I can't believe I survived that awful endless 8 arc.  Whoever thought that we needed to see that crap should be fire, beaten, and then jailed.  And then after that they should be beaten one more time.  I actually didn't watch two or three of those (scanned them to see if anything interesting would happen) because I was having trouble falling asleep while watching them (if you knew me you'd realize how horrible that is because I NEVER sleep when watching something even if I'm going on fumes).  I will say, however, that after being rather rankled and wishing I'd just dropped the once fun, now rubbish anime, that I was somewhat relieved by the most recent episodes.  Hopefully there will be a bright future, but honestly I think the fun has already run its course and we're in for more of the same.  For some that may hack it, but for me that's the end of the road.

Fruits Basket: Now I know this is something I'm supposed to love and it appears on the surface to be something I'd plow through and enjoy for a quick romp, but so far I've stalled three times.  I'll get through it...


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