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Rec - 3.5/5 Stars

28 SEP

So Rec was an intersting find.  For those unfamiliar with it you'll find that the episodes are only about 10 minutes long and there are only 10 of them so you basically get what amounts to an average length movie.

Positives: Now Rec was interesting and I really liked the premise.  There must be something deep down inside me that would have loved to have ended up in a situation like this that made it appeal, but the end result is a short, and just slightly unique love story with some good comedic bits.

Rec doesn't last long enough to ever get boring and though you miss a lot of the in-between days of the story and therefore you have to imagine what might have been going on between the episodes for me it worked really well.

There's a message in there which also works well and a few truths about relations that stand out if you're listening.  All in all I was pleasantly surprised though I think the show probably deserved at least a 13 episodes season.

Negatives: Not really much here to complain about other than the fact that there could have been more.  My wife commented that she was surprised at how fast their relation developed but to me it seemed that there was simply chunks of time missing between each of the episodes so things came together fine.

Seriously though, no complaints.  I've seen a great host of movies I enjoyed a whole lot less than that which I got from Rec.  I don't imagine you'll see this one on too many #1 lists, but if you're looking for something quick and fun it's a good time.

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