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Ouran High School Host Club - 3/5 Stars

28 SEP

So oddly most people that watch this anime seem to love it and for me it was really more or less a "meh".  I actually stopped several times and only came back to it because I had nothing else in the hopper and in truth it only got a 3 of 5 because of the final arc.  Up to about episode 20 there were only 3 episodes that I can say I actually enjoyed and all of them were outside of the host club...

So anyhow, here's my review:

Positives: At moments the show has some really good things to talk about.  Namely the episodes about how things got along outside of the school and the way that the rich kids related to Haruhi outside of their native environment.  Now I've known some pretty well off folks and I think with Ouran we're blowing things way out of proportion, but there are some bits of truth in there and occasionally a gem that really made me smile.

I really wish that the whole story had been much more about that relation as well as the things that were finally brought up by the end of the series in the last 4 or so episodes.  It suddenly went from gee, why did I waste my time watching this rubbish to oh, well, it wasn't a total waste.  If there had been 26 episodes of what we got at the end I probably would have really enjoyed it...but I guess most people really like the monotonous nothingness of them dressing up in the host club.

Negatives: Since I already started in on those I'll just keep going.  Basically the problem with this anime, for me, is that it's about nothing and nothing really happens.  Now the big item was supposed to be the humor, but again in my case it just fell flat and I am pretty sure that other than the 3 episodes before the last arc that I didn't laught but maybe two or three times.

It seemed that anytime we were about to get into something that was remotely interesting the story would quickly jump off of that and go back to the same old boring host club.

I guess in the end this show just really wasn't for me, though I'll be honest and note that if a second season does show up that I'd at least try it out hoping that it would take a vastly different direction from the first season.  If, however, it was to turn out much like the first season I'd drop it long before we got to the final arc.  There's just not enough to keep me interested.

Maybe I missed something.

Who knows.

Ouran High School Host Club, you barely dodged a 2-2.5 stars.  Barely.

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