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Eh just a guy that has interest in Japan. And one of the Co-founders of the Direct Connect Anime Planet. Well i was draged back here to the AP Site by the Founder Sothis.. Besides all of that, I am..

Graduated from the University of Cincinnati, studied business the past 4 years. My major is Marketing and International Business with a minor in Asian Studies. I'm pretty fluent in Japanese, been studying for 5 years plus i lived in Nagoya for half a year. I have studied in Japan Twice from my college. The other time i went to Japan was for studying Japanese Business. I love to Travel, been to Korea, Mexico, Jamaica, Grand Caymon, Hati, Canada....More to come.

Recently After Graduating in 2008 I have traveled to Japan to see all of my old friends and to see most of them graduate from their College Nagoya University of Foriegn Studies. Had a blast, but I was there also looking for a job, but since the Toyota Shock hit most of the area jobs were not there :*(. Anyway still trying to get a job in Japan with my current company so I will keep on trying!


Anyway, Anime wise I love it I cannot stop watching it. I have the Whole Bastard!! Manage series, it is awesome. I have too much anime, i will have to get a safe soon to protect it as an investment. If we become good friends enough ill let you come over and look at my collection and if i trust you a lot ill lend it out to you.. I have trust issues with it, i think..

I have a high interest in Asia, mostly Japan, but trying to get away from that and learn about new countries like China, Taiwan and Thailand. I am currently studying some Chinese. Ni Zai Zou Shea Ma? Jin wan yo con mo? If you can understant that, you probably know what i am studying first. Anyway, if you have the same interests as i do just email me or Aim/MSN me, im am always interested with meeting new people!

Future plans, I'm either going to do the JET program, if not I'll goto Taiwan to teach Business English. I'm sure i can get a job doing what i want to do in those places. I also want to goto Thailand to Volenteer my time and help kids that have been hurt in many ways.

Life Goals, Visit every country in the world and learn about its culture and language.

My name is Justin. In the picture left upper corner.

Wanna chat? Message me below or leave comments ^^

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veggiegirl May 13, 2012

oh, Mandirin I see, but I don't recognize zou or shea, I've taken 3 years of Chinese. Wo hen xi huan kan ri ben ca toon he kan ri ben shu. Ri ben ca toon zhen bang! 

wolfangel87 Jul 13, 2009

Haven't heard from you in a while!!!  How have you been?

CobrinjoKurosaki May 29, 2009

Excuse me... Can u PLZ tell me WHERE can i watch Mado King Granzort? I can't find it anywhere. Thx upfront. :D

Saoulmanblaster Jan 16, 2009

Damm Nerd. Haha that is good. You have seen like 1200 anime its like 1 year of time and you rank Dragonball z nr 2 i like you already, well cya around

Temsik Feb 16, 2008

I have been looking for sanctuary a while now, but I wasnt able to find it and I noticed you saw it, so if you could point me towards a site with direct download or anythinthat could help me obtain it I would be extremely grateful. Have a nice day ^^