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in answer to OneiChans critiszm=) i have decided that i am no longer to lazy to write a bio so here it goes=) who am i? well im a slightly goofy swede (or so they say) with way to much free time and equipped with an name english speakers fail to pronunce correctly the first 4-5 times (name in question is stefan and not abdul mohammed rashid abdan himal al jassar the fourth) been watching anime since uhm 2002-2003 somewhat semi active watcher as you can see by amount of watched (and dropped) during the years.

as everybody else i hate mornings, infact i think that is one of the things that qualifies people to be called human, that and a love for anything BBQ (real BBQ and not the fake shit you buy at hamburger bars and such)as a person im easy going and not to bright (i mess up.. like A LOT) and i do hate braging about myself which might be why i always fail horrible at all employment interviews i go to...but whatever, so what do i do with my vast amount of free time? mostly im just messing around talk random rubish with people on irc and varius forums and by rubish and messing i mean talking nonsense, spaming, bitching, and ask strange questions. I also listen to way to much music (most includes way to much electrical guitars and angry people, also called rock/metal), watches movies just about anything non romantic (not only anime) and of course walk around aimless in the little town im from called eskilstuna (trust me you should try it sometime its relaxing) . I also read alot, scifi/fantasy/horror and suspens but favorite is horror and by horror i mean HP lovecraft=)i also do a lot of other stuff to but you have to ask me about couse i have once again decided im to lazy to continue=D

From green to red our days pass by, waiting for a sign to tell us why . Are we dancing all alone? Collect some stars to shine for you, and start today there are only a few. The sign of times my friend

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Kayano20 Aug 11, 2007


Your bio's real interesting

and gotta say like your top five~!!^__^

Ohki Aug 11, 2007

The answer to all life and everythinhg is quite simple, really. 1. Just say no to ass babies, and 2. Cornad is god. Follow those things and life will be on your side =3

Ohki Aug 11, 2007

That was some pretty awesome randomness! x3

Lolo Aug 10, 2007

I listen to everything as far as music is concerned so yeah my favs right now might seem a bit random but it works for me! I am lucky as far as WOW is concerned I stay so busy that just logging in once in a while satisfies the addiction. I love to cook food on the grill it is so good I would love to have a nice grill for tasty meaty treats...one day. I love to make deserts they are my specialty cookies, cakes, pies, whatever it is I'm all bout it. I have a crew already that just consists of my two best friends Erica and first mate Skiffy you are welcome to come aboard :) There will be much drinkie drinkie...I'm a pilfering, pillaging, wobbly legged, rum soaked pirate and i be damn proud of it too love - the marvelous captain lolo

Lolo Aug 10, 2007

A big juicy steak on the grill and a cold beer...good times. - the marvelous captain lolo