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in answer to OneiChans critiszm=) i have decided that i am no longer to lazy to write a bio so here it goes=) who am i? well im a slightly goofy swede (or so they say) with way to much free time and equipped with an name english speakers fail to pronunce correctly the first 4-5 times (name in question is stefan and not abdul mohammed rashid abdan himal al jassar the fourth) been watching anime since uhm 2002-2003 somewhat semi active watcher as you can see by amount of watched (and dropped) during the years.

as everybody else i hate mornings, infact i think that is one of the things that qualifies people to be called human, that and a love for anything BBQ (real BBQ and not the fake shit you buy at hamburger bars and such)as a person im easy going and not to bright (i mess up.. like A LOT) and i do hate braging about myself which might be why i always fail horrible at all employment interviews i go to...but whatever, so what do i do with my vast amount of free time? mostly im just messing around talk random rubish with people on irc and varius forums and by rubish and messing i mean talking nonsense, spaming, bitching, and ask strange questions. I also listen to way to much music (most includes way to much electrical guitars and angry people, also called rock/metal), watches movies just about anything non romantic (not only anime) and of course walk around aimless in the little town im from called eskilstuna (trust me you should try it sometime its relaxing) . I also read alot, scifi/fantasy/horror and suspens but favorite is horror and by horror i mean HP lovecraft=)i also do a lot of other stuff to but you have to ask me about couse i have once again decided im to lazy to continue=D

From green to red our days pass by, waiting for a sign to tell us why . Are we dancing all alone? Collect some stars to shine for you, and start today there are only a few. The sign of times my friend

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Crrev Sep 18, 2008

Niceee Top5! :) Mushishi, Noein, Requiem... You have quite a taste in anime... So... Come back to the site! xD

Sorcery86 Jul 15, 2008

Oh, and btw, have you tried out isoHunt? I came over it while searching, but since I haven't heard much of those you mentionned before, I found it difficult to cross reference (as myspace is only reference source I've found so far). They did turn up some files but I'm not able to confirm if it's a good source or not.

Sorcery86 Jul 15, 2008

I have a kind of broad taste I think. As long as the melody is appealing, I mostly like it. The heaviest black metal (which is weird really as I live in Bergen and it's a meteropol for that genre) I do tend to cut out because it gets too much for me (noise and growling is a bit over the top for me). But I normally try to listen to all the music people ask me to listen to, no matter what it is. If it ends up on my list is a different matter. Been listening a lot to Within Temptation, Nightwish etc lately. I listen to music mostly during the morning and i need something that doesn't make me choke on my coffee really.

I stear away from most rap and hip hop. Have some main stream of course, but that goes under the melody of the song... the beat and catchyness of MS music.

And you like?

Sorcery86 Jul 15, 2008

Good question. I've only been looking for films and series so I haven't reached that problem yet. Mininova has been my source really. I just use normal DL programs for music (not the best, i know). The few non-mainstream I have I had to buy (:S) - usually because they're scandinavian. If you spot me a few songs and bands, however, I can try and look too.. I'm usually good at that.

Cleaning is deff a drag... though it was easy enough this time.. just get a load of clothes off the floor and stick them in a black garbage bag. Now I can relax and do the little that's left tomorrow (yay for time off!)

Sorcery86 Jul 15, 2008

And good eh.. morning ^^

I'm not really worried. Insider humor has a tendency to be that way. I can make a joke to a family member or a friend that the other part would go completly blank to while the orginal insider would fall over laughing. That's just how it is.

Well, I'm off to watch more of the latest series, and build up the courage to clear out my room...