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ratchet573 avatar ratchet573


Dec 4, 2011

Well, alchemists are kind of like wizards and scientists. And potion mixing seems like a science too. I guess to a certain extent science and magic don't mix, though I do understand that a witch being a scientist is a strange profession. "Yeah, I'm living proof that science can't prove everything but I'm going to pursue a career in it anyway".

I agree about Tsubaki. In the manga she was nice, but only to a certain extent. I don't know why the manga and anime are so different.

ratchet573 avatar ratchet573


Dec 4, 2011

Medusa wasn't totally relatable but I just loved how much of a dirtbag mother and just all around villain she was. She has some big scientific plan for destroying the world, she has a couple cronies at her command, she constantly talks big about herself. She was just classic villain material.

If I were to have a companion from the show I'd prefer Tsubaki. She seemed to be one of the few people with a hint of sense xD And anyone who can put up with Black Star must have great resolve.

ratchet573 avatar ratchet573


Dec 4, 2011

Well, I never could get into the Excalibur episodes but I'm glad you liked them ^^. I'm the opposite of you though xD. I hated Excalibur but loved Medusa. :)

JerichoxBarrons avatar JerichoxBarrons


Dec 3, 2011

Hey :) I love your avatar. And you seem to have a nice list going. :D

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