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Greetings, and welcome to me.

Feel free to friend me if you don't already have two thousand. It's nice to have some people to chat with. So yeah, send me your favorite anime/character/strand of DNA code or whatever and lets talk.

I would say that I'm somewhat knowledgeable in the area of anime. And having seen over 7300 episodes of the stuff, I doubt I'll stop anytime soon. Far from proclaiming myself an expert or a guru however, I'm just someone who most likely knows a lot of good anime.


My rating system:

10 (5/5) - The best thing I've ever seen. No faults seen or they are overlooked because of the pure brilliance of the anime. In the end, I believe this given rating depends on the individual.

9 (4.5/5) - Extremely awesome. It either has no faults or the good things about the anime make it as if it has none.

8 (4/5) - Really really good. Some faults, but the good far outweighs the bad.

7 (3.5/5) - Quite Interesting/Good. It may have a few faults, but it's really worth watching. An anime that will be remembered months from now.

6 (3/5) - Has something that sets it above mediocrity. The good barely shines out, but you can see it nonetheless. Somewhat worth watching, if only on a rainy afternoon.

5 (2.5/5) - Meh/Stagnant. Nothing much to keep me watching this anime; It may have it's good parts, but there's not much to hold my attention. A few months from now, I probably won't remember much about this anime. The good is equal to the bad or it was so average that I don't remember any good or bad.

4 (2/5) -  Nothing going for this anime. Either it'll put you to sleep or it's just not really good. Few redeeming points.

3 (1.5/5) - Quite bad. There's a lot of things wrong with this anime. The bad really covers up most of the good.

2 (1.0/5) - Usually if something ended up here, it's because the animation or sound quality of the anime was too high for me to put it in the 1 category. All the bad utterly drowns the good points and watching it is definitely not recommended.

1 (0.5/5) - Either something really ticked me off about this anime or it's just downright awful. Brain bleach is needed. Never watch this anime. Ever.

(If there is an absence of a rating for an anime, it's because I haven't seen enough of it to give it a rating.)


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Bulletproof says...

You know what? I'm bored, thats what. so I'm going to pose you a question. I just remembered one of my favourite moments in anime. Can you guess what it is? Ill give you a hint, its in the second season of Code Geass. There is blood involved.


Jul 1, 2011
Bulletproof says...

You get the spammer award of the day. You know it sends me an email everytime you post a comment right? I was like wtf, 4 emails from anime-planet. And you can't turn it off, lol. The point is we need an edit button.

The whole reset thing doesn't really bother me in The World Only God Knows. I like the humor and the way he goes about getting the girls. Using anime logic, its a self parody really.

Astarotte's Toy is not really that good. It's fine if you want to kill some time. But its not required to watch. In addition to that the family tree in that anime is messed up. Everyone is trying to make Naoya sleep with Lotte. But you know, Lotte and Ashe are sisters. I think you can get it from there.

Yes I like Euraka. It has mecha and romance. Whats not to like?


I like horror, you should watch Higurashi if you like horror. Actually you should just watch, you'll start liking horror. Just don't do in the middle of the night like I did. It may leave a scar if your psychologically frail.

At the time of my response your avatar is still the same. You assumption is wrong.

Jun 30, 2011
Bulletproof says...

Ah I see it now, its whats his face with glasses. Exept his face is even more ugly then what it was in the anime. I didn't know that was possible, however you have proven that it is.

If you can't think of a new avatar my suggestion of a decapitated kitten would work. Just change it, a zombie face would work too. Now that I think about it a zombies face looks better then your current avatar.

Its the end of an anime season! You know what that means. Well if you don't ill explain it to you. I dislike waiting for anime to be aired, so what I do is wait untill it's finished airing then watch it. I just finished watching Astarotte's Toy, well it took me two days instead of one. Since I had trouble keeping my eyes open yesterday. Damn you Monster Hunter Tri!

Also the final episode of The World Only God Knows Season 2 aired today. It was anti-climatic. The final episode of Season 1 was just epic. Anyway, this is an anime that I highly recommend. You should at least watch the first season.

Alot of other anime are 1-2 episodes from being finished, so I'll have to wait for a week or two to watch them.

PS: If your considering watching Astarotte's Toy I better warn you, it's a little messed up. You better take that warning to heart, since its coming from the guy who wrote the great wall of text.


Jun 27, 2011
Bulletproof says...

Thats one fugly avatar, when I saw that on my friend list I almost shit myself. I was like "wtf is this doing in my friend list". You should change it back. Really change it back, a picture of a decapitated kitten would look better.

In other news, I have hit the 4 mouth mark on "time spent on anime". Gaze upon my greatness!

Jun 26, 2011
Bulletproof says...

Yes editing comments is right up there with built-in spellcheck.

Genshiken is more about the development of the characters, they won't really go back into their past that much.

I like happy endings, which seem to be in short supply. I prefer when romance is mixed with comedy or action. Plain Romance/Drama is not my cup of tea. I don't mind if the anime is sad, If everything turns out well. I'm not the crying type, it just leaves a bad aftertaste in my mouth. If you look at my stats, I have about 100 animes in the stalled category. Of those about 30ish are 1-2 episodes from the end.

Code Geass is godly, that is all.

Now about this third season, if they won't have LeLouch it won't be Code Geass. But ill reserve my judgement untill the anime comes out.

Jun 24, 2011