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Greetings, and welcome to me.

Feel free to friend me if you don't already have two thousand. It's nice to have some people to chat with. So yeah, send me your favorite anime/character/strand of DNA code or whatever and lets talk.

I would say that I'm somewhat knowledgeable in the area of anime. And having seen over 8500 episodes of the stuff, I doubt I'll stop anytime soon. Far from proclaiming myself an expert or a guru however, I'm just someone who most likely knows a lot of good anime.


My rating system:

10 (5/5) - The best thing I've ever seen. No faults seen or they are overlooked because of the pure brilliance of the anime. In the end, I believe this given rating depends on the individual.

9 (4.5/5) - Extremely awesome. It either has no faults or the good things about the anime make it as if it has none.

8 (4/5) - Really really good. Some faults, but the good far outweighs the bad.

7 (3.5/5) - Quite Interesting/Good. It may have a few faults, but it's really worth watching. An anime that will be remembered months from now.

6 (3/5) - Has something that sets it above mediocrity. The good barely shines out, but you can see it nonetheless. Somewhat worth watching, if only on a rainy afternoon.

5 (2.5/5) - Meh/Stagnant. Nothing much to keep me watching this anime; It may have it's good parts, but there's not much to hold my attention. A few months from now, I probably won't remember much about this anime. The good is equal to the bad or it was so average that I don't remember any good or bad.

4 (2/5) -  Nothing going for this anime. Either it'll put you to sleep or it's just not really good. Few redeeming points.

3 (1.5/5) - Quite bad. There's a lot of things wrong with this anime. The bad really covers up most of the good.

2 (1.0/5) - Usually if something ended up here, it's because the animation or sound quality of the anime was too high for me to put it in the 1 category. All the bad utterly drowns the good points and watching it is definitely not recommended.

1 (0.5/5) - Either something really ticked me off about this anime or it's just downright awful. Brain bleach is needed. Never watch this anime. Ever.

(If there is an absence of a rating for an anime, it's because I haven't seen enough of it to give it a rating.)


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Bulletproof Aug 26, 2011

I will not my long standing tradition of not watching currently ending anime. I will now proceed to explain in full detail why not. Ehem. You see when I start watching an anime I want to watch more of it, unless its... I donno. About the only thing I won't watch is that gay stuff, I have been know to watch prince of tennis if you can believe it. Believe it!!! Ehem... Now back to the point I was trying to make before getting sidetracked by other less important stuff. If I wait too long between episodes I get sidetracked, if I get sidetracked I don't usually finish the anime I was watching. I'll give you an example, Ghost Hound. I was watching it while It was airing, then something else got my attention and I forgot about it. Now 3 years later I'm still 2 episodes from finishing it. Mostly because I forgot what was going on, and I dislike not knowing whats going on. So I would have to watch the whole thing again just to see the last 2 episodes. And thats not happening unless I get my hands on the blue-ray edition of Ghost Hound. And that's not happening unless I get spare cash, and you can see where this is going.

The point is, no I'm not stopping my tradition.

I should get a medal for showing you my point in a single sentence.

On the topic of yugioh, the 5D's anime is actually pretty good in comparison to the earlier iterations."Furthermore, from now on I'm going to start including as an addendum to my ramblings a sentence which includes the captcha for the current message." That is what you said, but you have broken your own rule. So all bets are off.

A long long time ago, in a bathroom far far away lived a hobo by the name of Leonard Ityfoli.

Leonard Ityfoli considered himself a painter, of sorts. However his choice of paint was, with the full meaning of the word, peculiar. Yes you guessed it, he painted with water. You might be thinking how do you paint with water? You can't, but that didn't stop Leonard. Oh no, you see he was crazy. So begins our story of the water painting crazy hobo Leonard Ityfoli, and his adventures in the Wal-Mart public toilet. Well the Wal-mart one is where he currently lives, he likes to move about to evade the flying ninja hippos. But that part of his live will have to wait until next week, or whenever I feel like telling you more. Cause you know, I'm the story teller.


Bulletproof Aug 21, 2011

I'm bit pissed right now, they skipped this week's Beelzebub... I need my comedy fix or I get all evil and stuff. Must.... resist.... urge... to... eat... kittens...

In other news I have been watching Yugioh 5D, does that make me a bad person?

--Readvin Dufour was a frech librarian, who liked the number four so much that he added it to his last name.--

Bulletproof Aug 4, 2011

First things first, Hellsing Ultimate OVA is ongoing since 2006. It gets an episode about every year or so. Hellsing the anime is 13 episodes long and was released in 2001. The epicness of Hellsing Ultimate OVA is ^7 that of Hellsing the anime.

I have also seen Captain America. Iron Man was better, I haven't seen Thor yet.

"You play any computer games/xbox games yourself?"

That is the question you have asked, it is understandable that you might not know since this is an anime site and all. But anime is a secondary to my gaming. I have all of the current gen systems, but I refuse to play games on my PC. Why? Because fuck Windows that's why. Back when I used to use my PC for gaming it took me about 2-3 hours to get each damn game to work. I don't enjoy tinkering with drivers/graphic cards/RAM/CPU/Etc. I just want to play my games, so I use consoles. My MAC works just fine for anime. Just to put it into perspective, the amount of time I spend on anime is about half of the time I spend on games. This is amplified by the fact that its summer now and I haven't been able to find a job.

My captcha failure rate is about 1/10. Unless they make me type in Chinese, but that's bullshit. On a different note, I think I'm going to enjoy your little captcha game.

--In 1821, Ofillo made a cake out of lies and broken promises.--

Bulletproof Aug 3, 2011

I haven't had anything to say in a while. But Hellsing Ultimate Ova 8 came out. It was awsome. That is all.

Bulletproof Jul 17, 2011

It's all good, computers like to blow up. Especially ones that run on windows. They like to get errors about their error message showing the wrong error.

Yeah Ogiue really adds quite a bit to the anime. Plus I like her personality.

Aria was really unremarkable like I said, the beginning was promising but the execution was poor.

C- Was alright, trippy is the best word to describe its art style at times. I found it interesting since it relates to my field of study. I also wish it had more episode, but it does end at a pseudo cliffhanger. So they can make another season, but it's highly unlikely. It is better then Aria, but not significantly so.

I liked Deadman Wonderland, it was well drawn and the story was good. The action was also well executed, not too much and not too little. Of everything I have seen so far I'm going to have to say that its the best of the spring season. I am hoping for a second season, since it did end with the start of it.

Ganta and Renton from Eureka are alike no? But I gotta say I loved Eureka Seven, this may turn out to be a boon.