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Greetings, and welcome to me.

Feel free to friend me if you don't already have two thousand. It's nice to have some people to chat with. So yeah, send me your favorite anime/character/strand of DNA code or whatever and lets talk.

I would say that I'm somewhat knowledgeable in the area of anime. And having seen over 7600 episodes of the stuff, I doubt I'll stop anytime soon. Far from proclaiming myself an expert or a guru however, I'm just someone who most likely knows a lot of good anime.


My rating system:

10 (5/5) - The best thing I've ever seen. No faults seen or they are overlooked because of the pure brilliance of the anime. In the end, I believe this given rating depends on the individual.

9 (4.5/5) - Extremely awesome. It either has no faults or the good things about the anime make it as if it has none.

8 (4/5) - Really really good. Some faults, but the good far outweighs the bad.

7 (3.5/5) - Quite Interesting/Good. It may have a few faults, but it's really worth watching. An anime that will be remembered months from now.

6 (3/5) - Has something that sets it above mediocrity. The good barely shines out, but you can see it nonetheless. Somewhat worth watching, if only on a rainy afternoon.

5 (2.5/5) - Meh/Stagnant. Nothing much to keep me watching this anime; It may have it's good parts, but there's not much to hold my attention. A few months from now, I probably won't remember much about this anime. The good is equal to the bad or it was so average that I don't remember any good or bad.

4 (2/5) -  Nothing going for this anime. Either it'll put you to sleep or it's just not really good. Few redeeming points.

3 (1.5/5) - Quite bad. There's a lot of things wrong with this anime. The bad really covers up most of the good.

2 (1.0/5) - Usually if something ended up here, it's because the animation or sound quality of the anime was too high for me to put it in the 1 category. All the bad utterly drowns the good points and watching it is definitely not recommended.

1 (0.5/5) - Either something really ticked me off about this anime or it's just downright awful. Brain bleach is needed. Never watch this anime. Ever.

(If there is an absence of a rating for an anime, it's because I haven't seen enough of it to give it a rating.)


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Bulletproof says...

Aso, take off the the One Piece movies off your won't watch list right now. Before I get mad, and turn green, you know where this is going.

Oct 1, 2012
Bulletproof says...

Damn Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai just did a 360 degree turn on me. It started out all comedy and perverted like a typical anime. Then got morbid near the end. Then just kept going with the comedy. 


Like seriosly I haven't seen this in a while. They did the whole apocalypse thing, and didn't undo it...The main character died, after getting a whole ton of people killed.

After all that he got revived, and they kept living. The hell...


It's been a while since I had to change an animes rating after the first 3 episodes, but this one deserves it. Honestly though, it seems anime is getting a lot more shameless nowadays. Used to be only panty shots, now its full on top nudity. The action was passable, but really.

Oct 1, 2012
Bulletproof says...

I got my 4 year badge, I'm so pro.

Sep 21, 2012
Bulletproof says...

Well since you reccomend Kuroko's Basketball Ill give it a shot. The animation style looks nice, and I like the design. The golden rule is not golden, more like tarnished silver. I did watch a bit of Price of Tennis, and Hikaru no Go if you can classify that as a sport. If you include YuGiOh then yeah..

Jourmungrand is not shounen, but its action. So strickly speaking its the odd one out, but I do love action.

The new episode of one piece, 554 was EPIC.

I just finished Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, Its horror so you won't like it. If you ever decide to start watching Horror start with Higurashi no Koro ni. Preferably at night, with the lights off. I swear I watched the whole thing (2 season 24 eps each + ovas) in one sitting. I started out at 9pm since it looked interesting, watched the whole thing. At night.

On Fate/Zero, I liked how the Original ended, even though this is a prequel. Thats why I'm hesitant on watching it. I might have to if I run out of material for my current anime binge. In the past week I watched more anime then I watched in the past 2 mounths.

Beelzebub, gotta finish that.

If I can't find more shounen I will be forced to do the unthinkable, catch up on Naruto Shitpudding. I'm sorry but I need my shounen.


Even though Naruto had a heart attack when Sakura confessed to him to stop him from going after Sasuke.

End spoiler

If you read the spoiler, yeah that sounds like a soap drama. GAH.

(Infer. Viterod

Jul 1, 2012
Bulletproof says...

I have been on an action anime binge, mostly the new stuff thats ending soonish. So far I have/will watched the following:


Accel World


I would like to know what good action's I'm missing from that tiny list. Mostly from the past season. If you want to reccomend an older one go right ahead. But be warned, It may take me a while to get to it, on account of it being old.

In the video game front I have been playing Tales of Graces F, so I must say screw the final boss. I got his second form down to 12,000/250,000 and he killed me. That prick.

Jun 29, 2012