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I'm we did know what right do you worry that she's going to change your mind again something no and a I think up and we all the great piece over the situation I think if we did I don’t think we have the openness that we have with their butt don't think there’s few other until rich Michelle thank you very much very interesting story alright thanks twosome its to Greece and what to do we'll be right back after this on next week and dining in marine go backing time with cast reunion spring/summer your favorite cells that shipman's on and the Dukes of Hazard mom the go back on her back with the founder of the organization called heart of gold adoptions James Webb and birth mother Jennifer Austin out the beginning the show Jennifer I asked you if you Safer Colon would give advice to some young ladies out there millions young lady summit fine just find themselves in the situation that you found yourself in what would you tell them for stuff and tell them to follow the heart and trusting God pet he will you know show you the way as you know people said before to anybody put you down for the Jewish made here everybody's going to have their opinion and when you know you find out your penny it's no longer about you or about what you think over anybody else thinks it's about that baby and it's about the life you have to give to them was the first step well as the first step I was will happen as planned scared and you know cried when my friends and she made a joke she said looking for work and you know ask right you know sup the answer will be in the phone book and I turn to adoptions and into her to call it there you know ad was in..

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