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When he talks about his adopted family next on and next Thursday the doctors and when the star Anthony Edwards examines Danni Marie on the buddy our next guest is hilarious comedian here his unique perspective on life may have come from his unique upbringing is he was adopted teas a baby in grew up as the only black child in a white family please welcome back to the show Tommy Davidson for way %ah good the well hacker I but he remained the screen is my it to have grown you class on yeah girl not program your ok yeah perhapsperot could she a level to GSK's quite now you were adopted child Delta yeah the subject is had that happen to you Safer Colon  actually I'm I didn't know it happen actually on when got four years old we moved to Washington DC K it's like the black city on earth and downs and kids chases back from swimming pool call my brother my sister white crack and I was like that got home and I was like mom was this my crappy thing and that's when she explained to me at things really different she said you’re you're your brother sister white your black chicks play my background shifting their background and it was like a shock to me because I didn't know there is no color difference does not all I had was not the children a dare you the only just me just Justin is all I knew was left your four years old at this time how old were you when you were adopted 18 months okay how did you take that when you found out that information had that make you feel I felt bad because the thing about it was like..

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