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-The One Evil Flame-

Systems Engineer, anime junkie and dedicated gamer. There are few things I love on anime as a good story. Sure I love the bright colors and I'm a fan of Kyoto Animation's visual style, but my favorite series are and will be the ones that offer me the best, complex, story.

I love seeing lots of shows in the current season and I do gifs of at least one or two. Feel free to visit my site. I don't update it as often, but I try to make it worth it.


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Ydolon says...

Both mate! I hadn't browsed your profile in ages.

Jul 6, 2010
Ydolon says...


Jul 6, 2010
Ydolon says...

Congratulations. :3

Feb 4, 2010
chronosVI says...

And you wagered...Texas with a dollar sign...simply amazing, moving on to Burt Reynolds...

Oh and kaji-san, i finnaly did it, i sawed Higurashi !!!! w000t

Jan 20, 2010
chronosVI says...

So many anime's...So litle time...

well i am trying to do some catching up, and i swear i'll see Higurashi next, if its the last thing i do.

Dec 2, 2009