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-The One Evil Flame-

Systems Engineer, anime junkie and dedicated gamer. There are few things I love on anime as a good story. Sure I love the bright colors and I'm a fan of Kyoto Animation's visual style, but my favorite series are and will be the ones that offer me the best, complex, story.

I love seeing lots of shows in the current season and I do gifs of at least one or two. Feel free to visit my site. I don't update it as often, but I try to make it worth it.


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Ydolon says...

Why is there nothing to be read?

Feb 3, 2011
Ydolon says...


Jan 6, 2011
LinkSword says...

Nah, it's no problem watching an ep per week (actually I've always done that with new series), but I still prefer to watch a full show in a few days, so I changed my ways and now I always wait. Which is particularly hard with this Fall season since there are so many anime worth giving a try to... >_<

P.S. Y me acabo de dar cuenta ahora al darle para arriba a la ventana de que hablas español xDD Qué despiste.

Nov 20, 2010
LinkSword says...

Awesome top lists! I loved those series/movies =P

Also, your avatar is very cute. Yuki Onna looks so adorable... I can't wait for NuraMago's anime to end so that I can watch it.

Nov 20, 2010
Ydolon says...

ヨスガノソラ -or- "about being so fucking classy."

Nov 17, 2010