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Sep 29, 2010

At first glance the idea of having a show about how a idol struggling to have a relation ship was about an ordinary boy was a good idea in my opinion.

      I think that the idea of a up and coming idol and her boyfriend struggling to keep their high school romance alive through the intervening years was really good matieral to work with.  But, I thought both Yuki’s and Touya’s relation problems were ust too silly and unrelistic to be believable, I never bought the whole idea that they could never find a spare hour to see each other and do the whole BF/GF thing.

As the series began I thought that the supporting characters were interesting and intriguing, but as the series went on I felt that many of them became just plain unlikeable.

starting rina i like her at first loud spoken do it her way kinda character but as the show went on she became a indecisive person. at one point in the story line she found out about the hole thing about yayoi trying to keep the to lovers apart in she kept it a secert trying to protect yuki. i think the best way to have saved there relation ship was too tell them that the other is really in love with them in help them keep seeing each other.

also his best friend akira. almost through half the show touya tried to get him and misaki together. when they finnaly do he dosnt thak touya for the years trying to help him in he treats misaki like dirt. i dont see why she takes it she should dump him in could stone.

the only character i really liked was yayoi. while i can understand yayoi wanting to protect Yuki’s from being distracted by Touya I think that her relationship with him actually means something to her. At first, maybe, Yayoi thought of her sexual acts with Touya were just part of her job but I think she needs him as much as he needed her. Yayoi never struck me as having much of a life after work so maybe her little accts with Touya where actually filling a void in her life, plus, if Yayoi was only interested in keeping Touya away from Yuki she should heve been happy seeing Mana at Touya’s place but she seemed more concerned with getting the girl out his room then she seemed about Mana’s health, and the look Yayoi gave Mana was quite wicked where it was suggested that she was older.

Overal i thought the show had a good idea with the show but it didnt turned out how they planned. well it was worth the watch. i will watch season 2 but just to see the conclusion of touya and yuki's relationship.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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Sophieneechan Nov 13, 2010

I agree with most of you. But the plot came so late. It took so long before I realized what the show was about.
And I don't understand why they say it's 13 episodes when it's really 26 episodes..