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about me

Hallo :D My name is Jenna-Marie but everyone just calls me Marie (i prefer to be called by my middle name ) :) lolz...But I'm 17 years old and a junior in high school. I love anime, even tho I haven't been into for very long (probably a little over a year). But my favorite anime shows are K-on and school days<3 I love, love, love school days<3 My favorite anime character is Kotonoha :D I also love to draw anime. Um...I'm a very nice person but can be really hyper and crazy, but in a good way haha XD I'm pretty layed back and easy to get along with sooooo, talk to meh, i don't bite :) squee!<3





<3 Drawing

<3 Watching movies

<3 Anime

<3 Animals :P

<3 Choco pudding lolz...

<3 Egg rolls :P

<3 Music (especially rock, japanese<3)

<3 Japanese culture

<3 Meeting new people & making new friends<3

<3...Saying the word, squee!<3 XD

<3 Weeaboos <U<...considering I am one XD



X Spiders O.o

X Heights OAO meep...

X Chalk...idk why lolz >.<

X Wet socks >:P lolz...I'm weird XD

X Mean people >:C

X School X.x

http://formspring.me/PvilleUndead      <-----ask me anything<3 :)

(> ^_^)>♥<(^_^<)  ( ^'.'^ ) ( v ^.)(.^ v ) ~<3




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Klitch avatar Klitch


Jan 25, 2011

What an educational profile. I've discovered the words squee and weeaboo thanks to you.

Welcome to A-P.

Kaorichaos avatar Kaorichaos


Jan 25, 2011

Welcome to anime planet! ^_^ and >w< I hate chalk too...

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