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Hello! (:

My name is Danielle. I love the friends I have, and I love the family

that helped create me. I really dislike people that can be racist, and like to judge others before

they get to know them. So be nice, Okay? (: I can be funny after a while of knowing me, and I

have been told I am really nice. I enjoy nature and life, and whenever I go out somewhere near a

forest or lake I will always have my camera♥ I write stories that never get past a written chapter

and I heard a lie that I can sing? I have recently started playing the piano. MUSIC IS MY LIFE. No doubt. I am constantly listening to

it, even if it's just the pitter-patter drops of rain falling to the ground. . .

Live life well. See ya. :)


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geckoexe Oct 30, 2011

Hullo my dear stranger. I am pleased by your friend request. I hope that we can get along nicely. ^_^

puriful Oct 25, 2011

Yeah, same for me. That's why I try to write out all my ideas in that same moment, because its fresh. lol.

I don't think I've ask you yet... what are you writing?

NoCheerios Oct 23, 2011

Maybe you should take a break o-o

Unhealthy man, you could get carpal tunnel :L

ExodusOrion Oct 22, 2011

As long as you have the anime on in the same room you are doing housework it won't be so bad. ^^ of course you may find yourself watching the tv/monitor more than working but eeeh these are the prices we must pay. I know when I am trying to work on a chapter and have a show on for background noise I tend to get distracted by what's going on on the screen.

I hope you also get a chance to check out the other chapters on DA (shameless plug I know :( ). I'm interested in your opinion about them.

Shiraiyuki Oct 22, 2011

that great, i would love a 4 day break, speciallly cause next week is test week >.<

other than that im ok,

---> been sick for the past 2 days, but im ok now, (being in bed all day is surprisingly boring!)

and love that Trading Yesterday song, i found them about a month ao or somth and i love "Shattered" AND "The Beauty and the Tragedy"