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Hello! (:

My name is Danielle. I love the friends I have, and I love the family

that helped create me. I really dislike people that can be racist, and like to judge others before

they get to know them. So be nice, Okay? (: I can be funny after a while of knowing me, and I

have been told I am really nice. I enjoy nature and life, and whenever I go out somewhere near a

forest or lake I will always have my camera♥ I write stories that never get past a written chapter

and I heard a lie that I can sing? I have recently started playing the piano. MUSIC IS MY LIFE. No doubt. I am constantly listening to

it, even if it's just the pitter-patter drops of rain falling to the ground. . .

Live life well. See ya. :)


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callycat says...

HI :D 

Dec 17, 2011
puriful says...

Uh-oh. Just read your update. I hope everything is okay. :(

How are you enjoying Itzura na Kiss and Kimi ni Todoke?

Dec 9, 2011
puriful says...

Oooh, sounds cool! So are you going to post it here or on another site?

Dec 8, 2011
countdown65 says...

Fine! I am i some exams, I have to approve some subjects such as Maths, Physics & Chemistry :s I left violin, I miss it so much! But school is first, I suppose.

Dec 6, 2011
countdown65 says...

Hello! How are you doing?

Dec 5, 2011