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Hello! (:

My name is Danielle. I love the friends I have, and I love the family

that helped create me. I really dislike people that can be racist, and like to judge others before

they get to know them. So be nice, Okay? (: I can be funny after a while of knowing me, and I

have been told I am really nice. I enjoy nature and life, and whenever I go out somewhere near a

forest or lake I will always have my camera♥ I write stories that never get past a written chapter

and I heard a lie that I can sing? I have recently started playing the piano. MUSIC IS MY LIFE. No doubt. I am constantly listening to

it, even if it's just the pitter-patter drops of rain falling to the ground. . .

Live life well. See ya. :)


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Soccerlove180 says...


Do you have a top favorite anime? One that you love above all others? 

Feb 6, 2012
SpiritDragon says...

Hey there~ :D

While going through the "who friended me"-section I saw that you added me to your friends (with 134 pages, I guess you added pretty much every single user though xD) and while reading through your profile I noticed that you spelled "family" wrong :P Just wanted to give you that hint ^^ But the rest of your profile is written rather pretty, so kudos for that~



Jan 30, 2012
puriful says...

Happy New Year! :D

Dec 31, 2011
craniu says...

 Akemashite omedetou !  あけましておめでとう ! ^__^

Dec 31, 2011
Menchi says...

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! :3

Dec 25, 2011