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Hello! (:

My name is Danielle. I love the friends I have, and I love the family

that helped create me. I really dislike people that can be racist, and like to judge others before

they get to know them. So be nice, Okay? (: I can be funny after a while of knowing me, and I

have been told I am really nice. I enjoy nature and life, and whenever I go out somewhere near a

forest or lake I will always have my camera♥ I write stories that never get past a written chapter

and I heard a lie that I can sing? I have recently started playing the piano. MUSIC IS MY LIFE. No doubt. I am constantly listening to

it, even if it's just the pitter-patter drops of rain falling to the ground. . .

Live life well. See ya. :)


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Vertimyst Aug 20, 2011

Most people I know from the US are from around there.  I know a guy in Michigan, a guy in Wisconsin, a couple girls in Illinois, and I go to NY once a year.  I live about an hour from the US/Canada border.


I'm gonna echo the person below me and ask, what do you write? :P  I'm the same, I have tons of unfinished stories.  I've literally only finished two, and only one is meant to be taken seriously. :P

countdown65 Aug 20, 2011

do you live? xD

countdown65 Aug 20, 2011

I´m fine, I live in Argentina, oh... I want to see lots of anime but, I can´t... I want to watch them all D: XD Where

Vertimyst Aug 20, 2011

No, unfortunately. :/  I used to play piano, but it's been so long I can't remember how to read music (and I'm not much good at coming up with my own :P).

So did you just randomly add me, or..? :P  Where're you from (I'm in Canada, in case you didn't read my profile)?