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It's A Wet Wet Wet Wet World

20 JUN

Centuries ago, the mayan tribe predicted that the world would go apocolyptic in the year 2012; well, it  turns out they were right. Last night, areas around my house got really heavy rain in a really big storm. Today after the storm, the city near me, Duluth MN, got flooded really bad.

The zoo where I volunteered at when I was in middle school got flooded so bad that a few animals, including two harbor seals and a polar bear, got out, but they returned once they were found. A couple other animals might be loose and one might be dead. If that wasn't bad enough, sink holes appeared and cars got stuck in stillwater.

Some train tracks were washed out, bridges leading to businesses were closed, some roads were washed away and were closed until they were repaired, people were using boats to transport themselves since their cars were stuck in the water or fell in the sink holes, some homes were flooded and some businesses were without power and were closed.

My thoughts for today, it was like living in a post-apocolyptic movie because it was really wet and flooded.

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