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They're more interested in know the Syrian situation where they're speaking about Syria and dealing with that I'll issue saying that they will lock again Bobby plain the and I'll the other side’s reach regime I don't know what else to say about that obviously they have their ducks in a row so then you have the Green Energy’s politics now that's a lender and other companies that you what's money to the go out of business I over again these energy companies going green agenda 21 is a is just causing the absolute destruction up %uh our economy it’s helping destroy every dollar they put into green energy takes away a job for the American it's a true I want to now Obama arm has now funded another company called solar trust to file for bankruptcy protection on Monday it had the rights for the 1000 megawatt lights solar panel project in South Southern California on which you think there will be plenty of sunlight right anyway I in the desert I anyways I less April they wanted to put one billion dollar conditional loan guarantee but now they're bankrupt her so obviously that's problem they got the loan guarantee from the Department of Energy what a shock now Reuters rothschildreported so trust in America which holds the building rights for the world's largest solar power plant on Monday filed for bankruptcy protection under its majority owner.

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