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(June 20, 2013) First of all I'm a gamer before anything else. But earlier this year, in January, my friend got me back into anime, by recommending I start watching One Piece. When I was younger I was into some anime like Dragon Ball, Pokemon & YuGiOh. But that was really it. Since January of 2013 I've been watching a lot more anime than expected and I've been loving... most of them.. some leave me dissapointed, but that's besides the point. I enjoy anime again and that's that. I think I might be becoming an "otaku"... I've been buying figures & wall scrolls about some animes >.> but I don't know. All the Anime & Manga listed on this account are only ones that I've watched/read since January 2013, nothing before then (I'm starting fresh I guess :P). I love anime!!

(June 17, 2014) I know html coding, and help maintain some websites. I'm lazy as fuck. I play shitty games... there's no real reason why, I just do. I try to endure the utter shit of gaming. I've given up on real TV. I try to watch whatever someone recommends me to watch (except Jake Hoffman aka Gubbs).  My favourite & least favourite voice actor is Yūki Kaji. That's all for now... Meh.

(January 11, 2015) I could've waited to add/update info here, but I was impatient and didn't want to wait until June again >.> So what's new? Let's see... For the most part I still play shitty games and there's still no reason to me doing such. Even after realizing how shitty the game is I choose to keep it to expand my game library. I retired from, but now am back to trophy hunting on PSN. My sleep schedule is terrible. I'm sleep deprived. I now use music to stay awake if I need to or want to stay up. I don't watch as much anime as I use to. I barely watch anything anymore, but I'm slowly getting back into it. Sport anime's are keeping me in touch with keeping up ^_^ Planning to be an english major, even though my grammar and word use here is most likely shit here. I don't really care to make this proper. I write fanfics (NONE ARE SEXUAL!..... Yet..) and poems. I hope to be involved in screen writing in the future, so I can make movie scripts more realistic. I spend money constantly. I kind of have a problem with it, I keep impulsivlely buying stuff... It's not healthy. Never get to that point like I did and am still in. I'm single, most likley for good reason. I do have a standee of my waifu, Kurumi Tokisaki. Until I'm with my irl waifu, the standee of my faulty waifu shall stay with me. I don't care to update manga on here.. it's too much of a hassle.. I'm lazy. I'm not sure what else to add here........ *Awkwardly sits in chair and looks Kuroneko gif* I'm getting distracted. I'm done. Ye.

Kuroneko :3




PSN: Puablo-Twane

3DS Friend Code (I have a 2DS ._.): 0146-9870-1122

If you want to battle me in Pokemon or fight me in Smash let meh know ^_^




Top 10 Favourite Animes:

1. Kuroko no Basket

2. Hajime no Ippo

3. Anohana

4. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

5. The World God Only Knows

6. Barakamon

7. Haikyuu

8. One-Punch Man

9. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

10. Toradora

Aomine vs Kise (KnB)


My favourite character, from any anime, actually he's my favourite character from any show I've ever watched, is Shu Ouma. 

~                                                                                                                         ~


And this is Akashi Seijuro, he's absolute. Realize he may be animated, but he's better than both you and I. He's superior to us all ._.


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Eskaypr says...

wow, youve changed a lot here,

except the profile picture,


Jun 17, 2014
Eskaypr says...

dat european way of spelling favourite さすがサーコン

Feb 5, 2014
NatsuIgneel95 says...

i hope we can play but now i use netbook(can't play any online game except Dota)...well feel free to ask me anything(anime especially) ^_^

Jun 21, 2013
FairestEve says...

Hello and welcome to A-P! Hope you enjoy the site and find some great anime you'll enjoy.

Jun 20, 2013
NatsuIgneel95 says...

Welcome to A-P and also to anime world again...i also a gamer but i like anime more than a game...that why when i play game(online especially) i will only play for a while(though my rank in Counter Strike Online are 4th) anyway nice to  meet you ^_^

Jun 20, 2013