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(June 20, 2013) First of all I'm a gamer before anything else. But earlier this year, in January, my friend got me back into anime, by recommending I start watching One Piece. When I was younger I was into some anime like Dragon Ball, Pokemon & YuGiOh. But that was really it. Since January of 2013 I've been watching a lot more anime than expected and I've been loving... most of them.. some leave me dissapointed, but that's besides the point. I enjoy anime again and that's that. I think I might be becoming an "otaku"... I've been buying figures & wall scrolls about some animes >.> but I don't know. All the Anime & Manga listed on this account are only ones that I've watched/read since January 2013, nothing before then (I'm starting fresh I guess :P). I love anime!!

(June 17, 2014) I know html coding, and help maintain some websites. I'm lazy as fuck. I play shitty games... there's no real reason why, I just do. I try to endure the utter shit of gaming. I've given up on real TV. I try to watch whatever someone recommends me to watch (except Jake Hoffman aka Gubbs).  My favourite & least favourite voice actor is Yūki Kaji. That's all for now... Meh.

(January 11, 2015) I could've waited to add/update info here, but I was impatient and didn't want to wait until June again >.> So what's new? Let's see... For the most part I still play shitty games and there's still no reason to me doing such. Even after realizing how shitty the game is I choose to keep it to expand my game library. I retired from, but now am back to trophy hunting on PSN. My sleep schedule is terrible. I'm sleep deprived. I now use music to stay awake if I need to or want to stay up. I don't watch as much anime as I use to. I barely watch anything anymore, but I'm slowly getting back into it. Sport anime's are keeping me in touch with keeping up ^_^ Planning to be an english major, even though my grammar and word use here is most likely shit here. I don't really care to make this proper. I write fanfics (NONE ARE SEXUAL!..... Yet..) and poems. I hope to be involved in screen writing in the future, so I can make movie scripts more realistic. I spend money constantly. I kind of have a problem with it, I keep impulsivlely buying stuff... It's not healthy. Never get to that point like I did and am still in. I'm single, most likley for good reason. I do have a standee of my waifu, Kurumi Tokisaki. Until I'm with my irl waifu, the standee of my faulty waifu shall stay with me. I don't care to update manga on here.. it's too much of a hassle.. I'm lazy. I'm not sure what else to add here........ *Awkwardly sits in chair and looks Kuroneko gif* I'm getting distracted. I'm done. Ye.

Kuroneko :3




PSN: Puablo-Twane

3DS Friend Code (I have a 2DS ._.): 0146-9870-1122

If you want to battle me in Pokemon or fight me in Smash let meh know ^_^




Top 10 Favourite Animes:

1. Kuroko no Basket

2. Hajime no Ippo

3. Anohana

4. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

5. The World God Only Knows

6. Barakamon

7. Toradora

8. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

9. Haikyuu

10. Diamond no Ace

Aomine vs Kise (KnB)


My favourite character, from any anime, actually he's my favourite character from any show I've ever watched, is Shu Ouma. 

~                                                                                                                         ~


And this is Akashi Seijuro, he's absolute. Realize he may be animated, but he's better than both you and I. He's superior to us all ._.


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Eskaypr says...

wow, youve changed a lot here,

except the profile picture,


Jun 17, 2014
Eskaypr says...

dat european way of spelling favourite さすがサーコン

Feb 5, 2014
NatsuIgneel95 says...

i hope we can play but now i use netbook(can't play any online game except Dota)...well feel free to ask me anything(anime especially) ^_^

Jun 21, 2013
FairestEve says...

Hello and welcome to A-P! Hope you enjoy the site and find some great anime you'll enjoy.

Jun 20, 2013
NatsuIgneel95 says...

Welcome to A-P and also to anime world again...i also a gamer but i like anime more than a game...that why when i play game(online especially) i will only play for a while(though my rank in Counter Strike Online are 4th) anyway nice to  meet you ^_^

Jun 20, 2013