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There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no chaos, there is harmony.

There is no death, there is the Force.

—The Jedi Code

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength.

Through strength, I gain power.

Through power, I gain victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

The Force shall free me.

—The Sith Code

The words above sum up the beliefs of the two eternally battling sides of the Force (and the world itself). The Jedi and the Sith. The light and the dark. The good and the evil.

I personally believe that the truth lies somewhere in between. Noone can exist completely without emotion, without passion, feeding solely upon harmony and serenity. The same goes for living only through passion, power and stength. We, humans, simply can't live on the edges for all of our lives. We may choose sides from time to time, but eventually we come to understand that all these notions are trivial. We do the best we can, for the sake of ourselves and the ones that we love and care for. Ultimately, we are neither white nor black. We are gray, and that is what makes us humans... Boooh yah! I rock right? RIGHT?? ...Geekness. Gauge. Maxed. Out.

After that little contemplation on "geekosophy", let me tell you a few things about myself. As you've prbably already figured out I am a fan of the Star Wars franchise. I completely adore the universe that the series revolves around, its people and ideas. Hyperspace travel, hundreds of different planets and solar systems, other intelligent forms of life... You get the point. (but the truth is I'm a total geek [keyword] for Jedi vs Sith battles and lightsabers.. :p Hell yeah!!)

Aside from being a Star Wars fan, I am also an ageless university student from Greece, hoping to get a degree in Electronic Engineering someday. I'm currently near the end of my nth year and things are a bit rough with the tight schedule and the many many courses. Furthermore, I have started taking lessons on classical piano, hoping to study at the Berklee College of music someday ...yeah. Apart from dreaming, I spend most of my time per day either studying at the conservatory or whatever.

My interests are (other than watching anime and reading manga of course!) playing the guitar/piano/jamming/etc, listening to mostly rock music (although I have recently started obsessing over classic, blues and jazz tunes), reading (novels usually), bowling, table tennis, basketball, video games, overclocking... Almost everything a normal person in his twenties has an interest for. Furthermore, I really enjoy going out with my friends, watching films, playing DnD (oh yeeeaaaah!) traveling, eating pizza, souvlaki and spicy food. And cycling. And-

Soooo... Am I a geek or am I a geek? Geek, going once. Geek, goi- ...Anyway, these are a "few" things about me. Anyone who's more interested (yeah, there could be someone/female who likes SW and anime and video games and rock music...  *gentle cough* let's just continue) just leave a message... ;)

The cake is a lie.

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Sunagan Jan 20, 2010

Hey, guess what :p? During some jam-and-fooling-around-sessions, my friends and I recorded some of our songs. It's not really top-notch quality, and i was just at the beginning of catching a cold, but otherwise, if you'd like to hear some of it I'd love to send it to you ^_^. I need your email though, cause it's not really youtube material ;). Well, that was all for now :p (oh yeah... i almost finished blood+... aint I awesome xD?)

Sunagan Jan 18, 2010

Haha, I may not seem like it but I'm a loner by nature ^_^! Sure I love the company of my friends and all the connections I gain through the music projects, but I really treasure my all-alone-time too xD. Well maybe the word has other connotations in holland than greece, but here it also means that you do things your way for your own reasons and that you're not really part of a social group :p. Let's just keep it at the fact that I don't like to spend every minute of my free time in the company of others xD. You know, I even used to be extremely shy for many years (I'm not anymore at all, haha). Well enough about me and my circumstances ^_^!

Yeah, hunter gets really interesting and nice, doesn't it? actually, 30-36 are a bit hard to watch but after that it gets really nice again. And of course there are 3 ova's that are sequels to the unending of hunter x hunter with lengths of respectively 8, 8 and 14 eps. After that it does reach a really nice way of closure, though, but it also gets unexpectedly serious at some points. Anyhow, it's really a one-of-a-kind anime in my opinion :p

Hehe poor you, no raisins....:D oh wow, you are going to cook my recipe and later i'm going to cook your recipe. We might as well start out a mutual monthly greek/dutch recipe exchange xD. All the things that Anime Planet is good for ^_^; music exchange, recipe exchange... and some anime talk after all xD

About the songs you sent me, I listened to all of them! I didn't like the last one that much but the first two with the berliner philharmoniker were actually pretty nice! Especially in the first one were a few jaw-dropping solos of the windblowers and I don't know a lot about electrical guitars but it sounded really high-level and not something just anyone might pull off ^_^. Furthermore of course the symphonic layer adds another dimension to the music, especially with that shitload of stringplayers. The music is not very complicated in itself and I believe the musicians of the berliner didn't have a hard time studying it, but as an extension of the rockband that they support I guess they make this one of the better musical pieces in the rock genre. Are you a hardcore fan of the scorpions or do you just like these two musical pieces because they are together with the berliner?

Hmmm if I'm thinking of the kind of pop music that I occasionally listen to... I kinda like Michael Buble and Katie Melua, as well as a dutch band called Bløf, in which the music is ok but especially the lyrics are brilliant, in a special, poetic sense. I think I'll show you a few songs of their cd Umoja. They made a journey all over the world and worked together with local bands to establish that cd, so it's often bilangual and multicultural, with a lot of different musical influences. Again, it's quite peaceful music, and their lyrics are more important than the music itself, but i figured you might like it. this is called Inside Out and they produced it in cooperation with singers, dancers and percussionists from Kenia. I guess I'll give you a rough translation of the lyrics ^_^

Commit me to the spirits, of the past, of now, of later. They've always been here. Commit me to the land, commit me to the water. Without a mother, without a father. It's always been there.

Change me, move me, hold my head with your hands and take it inside out, outside in. Let it dry in the wind., Low to the ground. In cooperation with a nigerian band. My guess it's about poverty. The following is my very rough translation, as there are a few sayings over there that I can't translate very well xD:

We want to go higher, we want to see where we are and what's ours. We want to go higher, where the air is clean - sometimes - and the sun always shines. We want to go higher, we want to see the good things, away from the fire and the smoke. We HAVE to go higher. Who's guilty must pay, who's innocent too.

(chorus): Low to the ground, where the angels fall and nations rise. Low to the ground, where we make love and fight, where we bleed and die.

We want to go higher, we want to see where we are if everything else falls. We want to go higher, before it's too late and the sun disappears. We want to go higher, but something's stopping us. We have to go higher, fight, nobody wants to go back.

One last one, together with an American band. I won't give the translation here, but it's about the autumn blues and a lost love ^_^. I really like the way they sing in two languages at the same time!

Well, I think I've bored you enough with my favourite dutch band now, so this is all for now ^_^... I really hope you like the songs. 

I'll be looking forward to the moment you'll have tasted the greatness and bliss of my great recipe. Til then, sayonara ;)! 

Sunagan Jan 16, 2010

Lol, you've got me about the good grades thingy, but I guess my parents don't really care xD. I'm in the kind of family that cares a lot about spending time together, and I myself am more of a loner, so sometimes we clash...

The hunter x hunter animation is not good, i agree with you... As I generally don't pay attention to animation quality, it doesn't really bother me, though xD I guess I'm really focused on the story when i watch anime. The story is something fresh and fun. I'm curious what you'll think about it when you've seen more eps... The first day i remember i watched 1-25 in a row, hehe.

Hehe, tell me what you think about it once you've tasted it. You know what! If you liked it you have to give me a recipe too about the gorgeous almond honey stuff that you were talking about *drools* ^_^! (yep, i really, really like food and i couldn't even become an anorectic if i wanted to xD. I'm not fat though, don't worry :p)

Sunagan Jan 14, 2010

Awww, you poor soul. We've had terrible problems with internet here too (ranging from being damn slow to not connecting at all....) so i completely understand your pain ^_^!

How am I doing, huh? Let's say my parents are annoying the hell out of me blabbering about me being an anime addict (duh, as if I don't know this myself...). So for the time being, I have to play the sweet and obedient daughter or they will put a limiter on my internet (omgomgomg... I'm almost 20 and they're doing such a childish thing...). So grrrrrrrrrr I'm pretty pissed off xD.

Anyway, about hunter X hunter you have started watching, it's really great but it takes some time to get great. I'd say the first 7 if not 10 eps are a bit lame, so don't get disappointed yet at this stadium ^_^. It's a very creative and adventurous anime with loveable characters!

Blood+, Blood+.... It's just painfull... i guess it's a hit or miss series because a lot of people really love it. I just belong to the group that doesn't xD. Sadly enough, I'm determined to finish it and I figured the only way to accomplish that is to not allow myself to watch One Piece before i have cleared blood+ out of the way(sometimes i wonder, am i a masochist xD?). So right now I'm actually sulking because I don't want to watch it, but if I don't I'll never get to One Piece again... (yeah you guessed right, I'm pretty good at self-disciplining but I've been particularly harsh on myself this time... ahhh....)

Well, enough about the negative stuff. Let's get to the good part: the recipe of appelflappen (the apple cinnamon dough thingy ^_^!). Hmm but as there are only recipes in dutch I'll have to translate it xD lol ok here we go:

Buy some puff pastry, roll it out and cut squares of 12-15 cm. Cut two apples into little blocks, take 50 grams of brown sugar, 50 grams of raisins. Mix it and apply some cinnamon (not too much, mind you xD!). Divide the mix equally over a few squares of puff pastry, wet the edges of the puff pastry with some water, and fold them to the center (I mean that you have make a package xD). Then take an egg, mix it well in a bowl and apply some of the egg on the outside of the packages with a brush. Now put them in the oven 20-25 mins on 200°C ^_^.

Sorry if some of this sounds weird but i had to look up some of the english names of the ingredients in a dictionary so I hope everything gets through well xD. Anyway, it's really delicious, doesn't take too much time to make and it's easy, so.. itadakimasu ^_^!

Sunagan Jan 8, 2010

Woah the greek newyear and christmas food sounds just too delicious *drool, drool*.... You guys do a lot of dishes with honey right xD... And almonds... whoah sounds so great xD!!! Sadly, if I'd try to cook it I would gain another kilo easily *sad face*...  (The dough-apple thing of holland is with a lot of sugar and cinnamon, if you'd like to try it i can look up a recipe for you ^_^... I kinda love cooking and I'm pretty good at it too, although i still have a lot to learn)

Oh, and I'm really happy at the moment so please let me brag for a little ^_^... Did I mention some kind of really harsh buttfuck methodology exam three weeks ago? Well I just got the results and I got a nine ^_^... It's always nice if hard work pays off (actually, i usually do get really depressed if hard work doesn't pay off, but that doesn't happen often :D)

At the moment I'm trying to proceed with Blood+, but it's so boring so far and completely not my type of anime *sigh*... Also some rosario to vampire as i dont dislike ecchi in general, but oh my god this stuff is just the worst xD... Shallow, typical and predictable, it almost has no good sides. I've started reading some nice manga to entertain myself ^_^... It's not featured in the Anime Planet List, though, that's a bit of a pity :P...

And last but not least, I've already seen Samurai Champloo ^_^! Most of it was pretty random but there was actually some really good material from ep 10 -17 and also the ending was not bad at all...