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Wolf's Rain

Sep 1, 2011

These are my Reviews if they're helpful great, if not, that's great too. I am not adept at writing/typing this is merely a contribution to the site.

This will be covering both the original series along with the 4 episode OVA as a single set.

Wolf's Rain has a premise that for years kept me from giving it a fair chance. The thought of Wolves disguising themselves as humans along with a flower in the form of a girl sounded silly to me. Only wolves can reach paradise, they are also enamored with "The Flower Maiden" so right from the beginning you see she is important to the story. Which is just that.. finding paradise. Beyond the symbolic side I had so many questions like why were wolves special? How were they disguising themselves? What drove the world to a wasteland? Why does a flower look like a girl? As the series closed in on it's second half I didn't care as much that they were not being answered, everything was cohesive and full of emotion. The pacing was unmatched in my opinion. Slow and grueling at the start but I cared what happened by the end. The ending had me slightly disappointed but still one of the best I've seen. Looking back I appreciate Wolf's Rain more and more, something that is new for me.

Their is nothing special about the animation or post-apocalyptic art style when you review it individually. Seen as a whole with all other aspects of Wolf's Rain and somehow it becomes special. You feel the world and it's hopeless future. The colors have a very low but welcome tone for it's setting. Designs were unique for each character which I loved. Their is not a lot of big fights or flashy scenes but that's not where it's strength is. Wolf's Rain is most powerful showing resiliance in a dying world, to the end. Depressing landscapes and a crumbling society is where it shines.

I usually don't include the music section because it's most of the time not worth mentioning. To not credit it here would be shameful due to the impact on the viewer. Music is just as important as the story in this case because it bring's the emotion across with some beautiful and sad themes. Once again Wolf's Rain functions as a whole, each aspect supports the other resulting in a dramatic and heartfelt adventure. Even so the music stands strong on it's own and in my opinion is the best part altogether. The English cast was spot on with the exception of a couple of the female roles which were at most, acceptable.

Characters were the other aspect I liked early on. Their all developed thoroughly from the start to the end, but it had very little back story. If it wasn't for their conflicting personalities and the slow pace of the show to understand them I would not of cared as much as I  did towards the finale. Even side characters if you want to call them that play somewhat important roles. Everything literally has a place in Wolf's Rain and presents itself exceptionally.

Wolf's Rain was suggested to me when searching for a show similar to Ergo Proxy, the only similarity I find is them both being Post-Apocalyptic settings and slow paced. The "no hope left" story seems to be my favorite genre when it meets my standards. The slow moving drama peering deep into character emotions intrigues me. This type of plot is severely overdone but I believe Wolf's Rain makes up for this with phenomenal character development, a beautiful soundtrack to complement the art and a undeniable end.

The story may have been the weakest part when it's over but I'll keep saying, it's powerful when everything else is involved. The other aspects are so strong that even though it presents nothing new it still raises the bar for what's average. Hopefully someone understands that. This will be one of two box sets I'm buying and I don't purchase much anime for whatever that's worth :)

7/10 story
7.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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