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Aug 29, 2011

These are my Reviews if they're helpful great, if not, that's great too. I am NOT adept at writing/typing this is merely a contribution to the site.

Durarara!! from the beginning doesn't really have nor does it ever develop a single focal point to drive the story. Their are so many different elements and possibilities as the show progresses that it almost feels "safe" (someone has to like it). Coupled with the somewhat slow pace it felt to me as if Durarara lacked direction. Hell we got street gangs, school kids (surprise!!) and a damn dullahan. Not to mention romances that make no sense at all! Towards the finale your wondering how their gonna answer all your built up questions in such a short time. Than along the way through all the mayhem you realize all the stories are tying in with each other and it actually makes some sense. It just surprised me how successful they were interweaving all the different elements, even if they still were a little thin. Despite minor frustrations I'm looking forward to the continuation with season 2 so they can build on this web they've created.

To actually focus down on what the plot is about would force me to spoil some major events, the trailers and promotions of Durarara!! did not exactly give a sense of what the show was gonna be about in the first place. What you did get was a promising fun ride and it does deliver there, though not entirely to my taste. It's funny, random, serious and has a dark plot building with supernatural elements surely to excite the shounen group.

The animation is not stellar by any means and only details what's important in each scene, for example bystanders will not be colored in or the backgrounds are not moving at all. They implement this conservative style very well and do great work with their budget. The City looks great at night and their are sporadic moments the animation is amazing. Aside from the dullahan, supernatural elements look fantastic. Some moments like chatting on their computers for example just felt like another way to cut a corner, even though their is a purpose behind it. However in this situation due to the intended audience I'll give it higher remarks for creativity.

I wasn't impressed by any of the tracks but maybe one, that being whenever the slasher was doing it's thing. It was the only darker themed track played and unfortunately not enough. Everything else is simple themes that get stale the further you watch. The Dub seemed pretty balanced to me. Freeman as "Shizuo" and Bosch as "Izaya" was top of the list exceptional. However their were low points such as in the character "Anri" who is so damn cliche all the way down to her voice acting! Over-all the negatives are barely balanced out. The cast was tolerable, what I want is more impacting music to fit the scene not just play in the background.

So many characters are introduced in the first few episodes you have to like at least one right? Not in my case. The character development, if anything, was difficult to make connections with because they were not giving enough time to a single character. A couple of them frustrated me, had cheesy backgrounds or was just plain boring. Some of the relationships had me going wtf? So every-time I seen them I turned off half my brain. All the characters are light hearted on the outside, but everyone has secrets not even the closest person to them knows. But somehow in the end I accepted all these schizophrenic characters and enjoyed in hindsight. One in particular was just badass.. you either know or will know him.

For three quarters of Durarara!! I found myself with very little interest because it wasn't what I had been expecting. The humor did not make me break out in laughter any more than I can count on one hand. Celty (dullahan) remains to be one of my least liked characters. Certain situations just pissed me off due to it's absurdity but then again, that's what this show goes for. "DRRR!!" has a whimsical flow through out the entire show to coincide with it's somewhat convoluted story. In the end this is what brought me around at least until I get much needed answers.

Final Thought
Durarara!! was a interesting experience that almost got dropped numerous times in the beginning. Through all the hype I was passing it off as another fanboy attractive show. It may still be that but it has it's own unorganized charm that reveals itself in the later episodes. Everything seems cluttered but it's that way for a reason, hopefully they don't make a fool out of me in Season 2. If anything look at this as the hook to what's coming. If your easily amused you'll love it, if not, like me have a little patience and watch with no expectations.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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