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Paranoia Agent

Jul 27, 2011

These are my Reviews if they're helpful great, if not, that's great too. I am not adept at writing/typing this is merely a contribution to the site.

Paranoia Agent wants to confuse the hell out of you, unfortunately it's way more simple then it would have you believe. It confuses you and uses outrageous metaphors to deliver the most simple messages. Over and over each episode is delivering the same message in a new way, but it never delivers the plot. Which is basically people mentally breaking from minor life issues and blaming it all on a .. spoiler! I mean really it's not that difficult. I believe they forgot to tie in the weak story until the last two episodes resulting in a filler middle and a rushed ending. If only they kept the continuity of the first four episodes my score would be higher because those four had potential! Went and gone off the deep end.

At first glance it looks great but don't look deeper. As the series progresses the animation and quality of the artwork suffer. This is inexcusable for a 13 episode series. Even though I agree with raising the quality of animation for important sequences only, Paranoia Agent takes a really weird route. Intended or not I wasn't impressed and felt more like they were cutting corners. Towards the end episodes were with cardboard characters.. I fail to see this as creative. If anything the diversity of character designs was the best part.

When the show decides to be serious it does well to give the viewer a creepy feeling, much thanks to the music. However these moments are so short and grow further apart. It sets the mood for certain situations fulfilling it's purpose but isn't showcased enough. Why? Moments to do so disappear the more Paranoia Agent moves forward. What could have been exceptional is above average when it tries. The opening theme made me feel like I was having a mental breakdown wishing someone would hit me with a bat. The ending theme was pretty damn catchy, but when it's in my head two days later it pisses me off, where's a bat? my problems are too much.

All the characters had problems in life that weighed on them mentally and would progressively affect their behavior. However in most cases the problem did not make sense of the actions causing them to feel forced and just downright fake. Character development is their to a small degree, a couple I even enjoyed watching. The rest were either cast off too soon or uninteresting from the start, leaving me indifferent to whatever happens to them. New episode, new mental breakdown, some exaggerated reason and BAM! Is that a spoiler? I did think one of the detectives was hilarious even though it's not my kind of comedy. It's not all lost!

Final Thought
Paranoia Agent tries to lighten the story with comedy aimed at a younger "Shounen" audience while attempting to maintain it's thought provoking premise. It's been done successfully before but not this time. I'm not sure what exactly it wants to be. Humor was overdone in a attempt to hide how mediocre the show really is. Based off the ratings and reviews it's done that well. I feel like Kira  was writing this story epically eating potato chips when he realized their was only one chip in the bag to begin with :D Let is resonate. Anyway my low score should imply I didn't understand the series right? No, I understood all of it and my score remains the same.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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