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Ah. I'm here. Is this my profile? I should write something here, right?

Well~ For starters, I like anime. Let's pause for a few seconds and let the obvious hit us like a flying brick. I've been an anime fan since I was a wee brat, and I show no signs of being an anime un-fan even as I reach two decades of life. Still, a little voice in my head is telling me that my hobby is unhealthy, and would probably prevent me from meeting a sane person of the opposite sex. An even bigger voice is telling me that I'm perfectly sane, despite the fact that there are voices in my head that argue over things such as this.

In any case, my other interests are writing and reading, and watching pro-wrestling. Yes, pro-wrestling. I'm not sure how pro-wrestling would be relevant on an anime site, but who cares anyway?

P.S. Nothing in particular. Ha. Ha. Ha.

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Tide Jan 8, 2009

Your "about me" txt is hilarious xD keep it up =^_^=

sohrab Dec 18, 2008

That's my real name. It's persian.

harleyracelikesanime Dec 10, 2008

I was actually at the Styles/Danielson/Joe match you linked on the forums. Well, I was at the TPI that year. Awesome weekend.

keridas Dec 8, 2008

oooh magic player eh? hehe ala lang may mga kaibigan ako n mga adik.

Cge, kita kita nlng sa forums!

keridas Dec 8, 2008

Nice! taga saan ka? d2 ako QC