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...omg the avatar thing butchered my custom ava :(...


Anything listed in my watched list is an anime that I have either seen the full series or have watched every episode possible that has been released as of yet... (Meaning the show is still being air'd in Japan)...

Anything listed in my watching list is one that I am watching and am either waiting for a new episode or have all episode's and am currently watching (I don't typically remember to mark which episode I'm on so it's usually on 1 until it gets marked to watched)...

Anything in my want to watch list is what I move up to replace something whenever I finish and remove it from my watching list...

Anything listed in my stalled list is one that I want to watch but not until I've finished watching the ones in my want to watch list...

Anything in my dropped list or in my won't watch list is not necessarily what they seem, it's either one I didn't feel like putting in my soon to watch lists and when I run out of them I'm planning on going through them all and moving a bunch up just not till I'm done with the ones I was really interested in at the time ^_^...

I have watched more anime than what is shown (a whole lot more) I just have to mark them again because the day I spent marking which ones I had watched and such was right before the roll-back and I haven't had the time to go mark them all again, I have only marked up to the E's so yea... I have watched a TON more >.< ^_^...

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sothis May 22, 2008

Given your msn address and such I'm surprised to not see Conan on your top 5 anime :p it's blaaaaaank :(