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my top anime list

code geass as all tv series (i like them the same) highschool dxd including 2nd season (as of 10 eps now) hellsing only OVA, tv is shit compared to it (though still nice ;p) natsume yuujinchou as all 4 tv series (1, zoku, san, shi) one piece is...

my top fav manga list

the breaker - including ongoing series 'the new waves' - the only manga (actually, it's manhwa though) to have me stay the night reading instead of sleeping id is coming somewhat slowly this year (2013) but still its an another great...

Top 3

Since it's a pain to edit/delete old list Also, manhwa included while webcomics excluded I consider those and their prequels/sequels as one

Top 3 anime

Since it's a pain to edit/delete the old list Consider two or more seasons as one