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.....I don't like to talk about myself...

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July 23, 2009

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ave avatar ave


Jan 12, 2009

Welcome back, I'm not that fine (pretty stressed), but well... thats how it is. How're you ? Sorry for relpying four days late, I'm not that often on this site anymore :)



Betchbag avatar Betchbag


Jan 9, 2009





read about a third of the way down


youll know when u c the picture

Betchbag avatar Betchbag


Dec 1, 2008

go here


Betchbag avatar Betchbag


Nov 18, 2008

uh alot of like knight worriors and the little, and i mean little, red head general girl she is really cute/ just your type lol maybe when i beet it ill let you barrow it. im 18% in so you have a while to wait lol

ave avatar ave


Nov 18, 2008

Sorry for not answering you so long. I was being kept preoccupied with... well, school. Congrats at starting CGR2. I know how you feel about Rolo. He's like a monument of faggotry and I dont think anybody likes him ;) I think you'll come to hate him too while progressing with the series.


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